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the witching pen novellas reviews plus giveaway

Whats it about?

 It's hard being the most powerful witch on the planet. It's even harder when you're a twenty-five year old virgin who'll lose all of that power the moment you sleep with someone ... that's why Elena's never slept with her best friend and flatmate, Karl, despite the true feelings they harbour for each other.

Elena's about to discover that there are even more difficult things in life to deal with. One of them comes in the form of a pen she discovers one day, a pen that allows anything she writes to come to pass...

Suddenly, it's not just her powers or her heart that's at stake, but her very soul, as a dream demon with a seductive pull uses the pen to try and turn her away from her reality, and from Karl.

But the pen is just the beginning. Everything Elena has believed in is a lie, and her world is about to fall apart... 

My Review

 WOW AMAZING BOOK. i read this book in one sitting.
the writing style and the way i connected with the characters had me hooked from page one. i loved the way the author keeps you guessing as to what each character is, and i must say my mind was blown away by karl. definitly a adult book as it has swearing and some lovely sex scenes in it lol. but i loved this book and am definitly going straight into the others i have in the series :)
cannot wait to read more books from dianna hardy :)

Whats it about?
Seven days ago, Elizabeth May tried to commit suicide. She was found by Paul, her husband, who took her under his wing and back to their home. But the attempted suicide is not Elizabeth's main problem -- Elizabeth can't remember who she is, or a single thing about her life beyond the past week.

Plagued by nightmares about a familiar black panther, and a terrifying snow leopard, she is convinced that the dreams are trying to show her something important, and is determined to regain her memories, one way or another.

Meanwhile, Pueblo -- the demon blood-bonded to the witch, Amy -- is going insane trying to find her. Amy disappeared one week ago, and it seems not even their bond is strong enough to penetrate whatever magic hides her.

As Pueblo enlists the help of angels and demons alike, Elizabeth begins to piece together parts of her forgotten life. But what she uncovers may just have her wanting to turn away from who she really is ... for good.

My review
 who knew that when i first opened up the witching pen this morning on my ereader that i wouldnt be able to put it down until i had read all 3 ebooks that i had gotten for review.
this series is simply amazing. i love all the characters and their stories. it has some pretty steamy sex scenes in them too :) cannot wait until the 3rd book comes out. and i know il definitly be buying the ominbus when it comes out in paperback. this one is a keeper. and i cant wait to read more books by this author in the future :)

About the Author
   Dianna Hardy is a UK-based, multi-genre author of paranormal things, dark things, poetic things, sexy things, taboo things, and sometimes funny things. She writes about witches, demons and angels.

She's a scorpio, a hermit, she loves nature, animals, walking barefoot, the woods after rain, and summer days.

If you have to put her in the genre box, she writes about what you may consider to be "the paranormal", including paranormal romance, urban fantasy, gothic poetry and occult books.

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1 x eBook copy of The Witching Pen to get you started on the series. International giveaway. Reader can choose preferred format.

good luck and i hope you enjoy the book as much as i did :)


  1. This sounds like an awesome book. It would be great to win it..on my TBR list regardless

  2. After reading the synopsis and your review, I definitely want a chance to read this book. Thanks for the giveaway!
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  3. These sound amazing! I especially love the idea of a magic pen - now that's a weapon!

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  8. The Witching Pen sounds wonderfully refreshing. I love witchy books, with a little bit of romance and a little bit of intrigue thrown in. Thanks for hosting and thanks for the giveaway Dianna.

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  10. five star review always make me curious to read the book! sounds interesting.
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  11. Thanks. These look good.

  12. Sounds like an awesome read... Added it to my TBR list.... Thanks for the great reviews.

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  18. Love the review. Another witch novels that I'd like to's interesting to have pen as a weapon. Usually it's a wand or magic stick. With a magic pen we may write our own fate. What a good choice of weapon.

  19. I love it when reviewers say they had to read the whole thing & couldn't put it down! Makes me want to read it, every time.

    I'm a GFC follower (Emum).

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