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Halfling by Heather Burth review

Halflings (Halflings #1)Halflings by Heather Burch

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Chased by hell hounds, nearly run off the road by a suv Nikki’s life used to be simply now she seems like every bad thing in the world is trying to kill her. With evil ready to strike at every turn Nikki ends up having three beautiful guys watching over her. They call themselves Halflings the offspring of fallen angels. They plan to keep Nikki out of dangers but sometimes that’s not easy to do. New problems arise when Nikki finds herself falling in love with two of her protectors. This comes a big shock as she has never been interested in guys, but now she can’t help but want two but more trouble is ahead than just love because Nikki needs to work out what’s going on before she is killed.

I would just like to say when people I know read books and tell me there is a MASSIVE! Love triangle in the book I normally choose to stay clear but this book was very different. The love triangle in this book was deep and emotional. Raven and Mace are two very different characters at first look I thought of mace as light and caring one and Raven as dark and sexy but there is a whole lot more to these two characters and the book was so much more than just love drama. It’s about family and making the right chooses and the evil that's inside us all it’s our choice to be good or bad and this book really did show that.

Nikki was a really good character. She is a fighter, deep down, and she faces what’s coming head on. As one of the main characters she was feisty and kind and enjoyable to read about. I also felt that there is a lot more we are going to learn about her as the series goes on. I just had a sense that there is a lot of hidden power or potential inside Nikki that’s begging to come out. The story was packed with danger, and Nikki went from a normal life to being on the supernatural hit list. There were a lot of intense moments in the book between characters and sometimes humour the book seemed to find a great mix of everything.

Now I would like to confess that as an avid reader you sometimes fall for the characters you're reading about and raven was one of those characters for me. While at first look you feel his just an arrogant pretty boy, but I felt there more to him, and I feel that over readers will spot that underneath his front, you will see someone different.

A wonderful written story Jam packed with forbidden love, danger and a burning evil that will suck you in.

5 stars

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Friday, 25 November 2011

This is not forgiveness by Celia Rees

This is not forgiveness by Celia Rees
I can’t decide what to do with your ashes. It’s been nearly a year now. Almost summer again. The urn is sitting in front of me on the desk, brown plastic with a ref. number, the date and your name scribbled on a sticky label: Robert Julian Maguire The label has black borders and is beginning to peel at the corners. I smooth the wrinkled paper, trying to stick it back. It has been slapped on crooked by someone who didn’t care a whole lot about the contents. There are all kinds of urns you can have: brass, copper, pewter, ceramic; you can have a wooden casket with engraving on it, but those cost and someone would have to care enough to order one and buy it. I guess yours is the modern equivalent of the pauper’s grave.
I went to the funerals. They held them one after another. I don’t think they meant them to be that way, but the crematorium was busy that day. Yours was second. Not much like the first. No orations, no weeping school mates clutching single blossoms to put on the coffin, sobbing out rubbish verses that they’d written themselves. No inky hand-printed notes on the flowers: R.I.P., C U in Heaven, Gone but not forgotten. No fl owers at all. Hardly anyone there, either. Only the bare minimum for decency. Police and immediate family. Some of your mates, but not many. Just Bryn and a few others, wearing uniform. The priest was sweating. He kept dabbing at his forehead with a big white handkerchief and stumbling over his words, scratching about to find something to say, stringing it out until the time came for the rollers to engage. You would have pissed yourself. Nobody sang the hymn, there was just this tinny recording. Nobody cried or even looked sad. The congregation seemed relieved to see your coffin going, as if it wasn’t a body on its way to the furnace but some dangerous biohazard. They couldn’t wait to get out of there. I was the one who went back to collect your ashes. That’s how I’ve got them here. Mum doesn’t like it. She keeps nagging about ‘disposal’ and ‘closure’. Keeping you here is morbid and probably unhealthy. I don’t see it. The Morgans had their granddad on the mantelpiece for years and years. She wants rid, but what’s it to do with her? You were my brother. She doesn’t have to come in here. ‘It’s upsetting for your sister,’ she says. I know for a fact that Martha couldn’t give a monkey’s fat one. Anyway, she’s not even here, so what does she care? I can see Mum’s point of view. What you did was pretty disruptive. I had to move schools. I couldn’t go back there, could I? Mum wanted to move house. Move towns. After what happened, she wanted to make a fresh start. You’ve made the place toxic. But in the end, we didn’t do that. We’d have had to move Grandpa. Not that he’d notice. He’s still alive, just about, but Alzheimer’s doesn’t get better, does it? It wasn’t really that, either. What happened has changed her. At times, she blames herself. Somehow it must be her fault, that’s what she thinks. If she’d just done this thing, or that thing, then it wouldn’t have happened. She spends a lot of time sitting around thinking about that. She’s there but not there when she’s like that. She moves from that to being very, very angry. Mostly with you.Maybe getting rid of you would give us closure, as she puts it, but I don’t think so. The brown plastic kind of contains you. Without it, you’d be everywhere  – like a genie. You don’t deserve to be liberated yet. I’ll decide the time and place. It could be tomorrow, it could be years from now, but until the day comes, you are staying right here, with me.But this is not forgiveness. Don’t think that

Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi review

Under the Never SkyUnder the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Aria lives in a place called the reverie like most teens she spends her time hanging out with her friends but rather than going out all she does is look through her smarteye which takes her to different realms. Life is sweet and easy until Aria is kicked out for something she did not do. The world outside the pod is feared Aria’s people the dwellers call it the death shop. Once outside things take a funny turn she learns about the outside world that is nothing like what she was led to believe, and it's the people inside the pod that are liars. She soon runs into Perry the person that was there the day of her so called crime it was him that saved her life. While Perry and Aria are very different from one and other Aria had the easy life and Perry the hard-working hunter but due to a run of strange events Perry and Aria have to work together and help one and other to find out what happened to Aria's mum? And why was Perry nephew snatched by Aria's people?

The journey will change Perry and Aria life forever.

From the very start, this book blew me away. I found it so brilliant and exciting imagine planet earth has been divided into two parts one side you have the reverie where people live in a kind of electronic fantasy world. It was like a weird computer run future. At first glance everyone seems happy and calm, but it’s a big front. Now the other part of the world is like the past with tribes and hunting for food, living of the land. These people are born survivors and fighters. Two completely different worlds stuck on one planet the whole idea excited me and glued me to ever word in the book. The world the book is based in alone will have you in a reading frenzy but there is so much more to the book.

Aria the dweller that’s lived her whole life in the pod playing in fantasy worlds and singing ends up being dumped into the outside the death shop. Perry a born hunter with night-vision eyes and heighted smell his a bit barbaric at times, but he does care. He just hides it well. No way would you think mixing these two very different characters together but when the author throws Perry and Aria together the book really takes on a life of its own in a way you would not believe.

The author’s writing is simply magical she wrote something so fresh and mind blowing that you can’t help but wonder how someone could think up something so dark yet beautiful. The book will reach out to anyone who loves action, love and the book is nonstop survival pushing the characters to their limits.

Prepare yourself for the ride of your life under the never sky will electrify you and have you begging for more.

Five stars

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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Incarnate by Jodi Meadows review

Incarnate (Newsoul, #1)Incarnate by Jodi Meadows

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

In a world where each soul has lived a thousand lives, each soul knows each other. Everyone has many talents and life is like a never-ending circle once one body dies the soul is reborn into the next. The people fight dragons and protected them self from the shadow sylph.

Ana is the only new soul her body was meant for another soul but Ana's soul new and fresh was born. People hate her from being new going against what they believe in. Ana has sent the last 18 years with a mother who does not love her and in truth she makes Ana's life hell, and her dad went and left them when she was a baby. Now an adult Ana plains to leave and head for heart, she hopes to find answers to why she is different. Why was she born what happened to the other soul she has so many questions that need answers but things go horrible wrong? Sylph's come for her the day she leaves and ends up nearly drowning when Sam saves her, and together they make it safely to heart but the place is not welcoming people fear and hate Ana before she can find the truth someone tries to kill her and Ana and Sam are left in danger.

Ana is the main character the book follows in a world where everyone knows each other Ana really is the outcast the new un-useful soul. Now I really loved getting to know Ana she started off as a very guarded and untrusting character fearing that everyone hated her like her mother did. I felt that watching and learning how abusive her birth mother is to Ana helps you understand why Ana was the way she was. In a world where no one helped or saved Ana from this woman who got pleasure out of Ana’s loneliness and upset. Over the course of the book, you watch Ana grow into a more powerful character, and you saw a whole new side of her that made her more loveable to the reader. Now Sam is another character you follow in the book and from the very first time I meet him. I could not help but love him. He showed Ana that people do care, and he was so kind and something I felt even though he lived some many times he was just as lost as any new soul.

The world the book was based in was like nothing I had read before the concept was brilliant with all the old souls and then introducing a fresh new soul really did suck the reading in. Then, there was the bonus of these wonderful creatures like dragons and sylphs that added this dark dangerous feel to the outside of heart. There was conflicted between some characters and the council of heart seemed to care more about keeping secrets than the well-being of their people the whole story was fantastic. . It was a beautiful world that the author thought up, but she added lots of danger and darkness that readers will love!

A magnificent start to a new series.

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Sunday, 20 November 2011

The Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan review

The Son of Neptune (Heroes of Olympus, #2)The Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Another brilliant book from Rick Riordan. Percy Jackson has to be one of my favorite male characters his so funny and brave with the fact his been dumped in the Rome camp with no memory you would have thought he would be a bit down and lost but his personality really shine no matter how bad thing get.The story is brilliant like all Rick books its action pack, danger and lots of gods and monsters mixed in and it makes for another amazing book. I'm really hoping that he'll have another book written for the series soon because i dying to know what will happen next. Rick's books always leave you wanting more each book always seem better then the last and every page is packed fall of fun and survival.

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Friday, 18 November 2011

Unleashed (Wolf Springs Chronicles #1) by Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguié Review

Unleashed (Wolf Springs Chronicles, #1)Unleashed by Nancy Holder

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Katelyn McBride’s life changed the day her mother died. Forced to move away from her home Kat goes to live with her only other relative her granddad. Once she gets there, she finds that Wolf springs is not only cut off from the outside world but the people that live; there are guarded, they don’t trust outsiders. Kat learns that strange things are going in Wolf springs what creature is hunting young girls in the woods and why is everyone acting so weird.

Katelyn or rather Kat I found to be a really interesting character. I loved seeing the change in her as she spent more time with her granddad and the fact that the town seemed to bring out a different side in her. When you first read about her, I thought she was going to be a bit snotty but that was not the case the shock and upset of losing her mum and then having to move to the middle of nowhere meant she had to change and adjust to her new life. While she still at times tried to hold onto to that past life, she soon understood that LA was behind her. I loved getting to know Kat and understanding what went on in her head.

The storyline in this book was simply brilliant it starts off with lots of emotional. This poor girl has lost both her parents and has now been dragged to the back end of nowhere with her granddad that did not even turn up to her mother’s funeral. Not only is Kat really mad at her granddad for not being there for her, she is also anger that his making her stay in a place stuck in the middle of the woods. Kat has to start at a new school and find new friends which is not always easy but thankfully Kat finds two people she can talk to, but she feels that her friend is hiding things and then there are the weird sounds in the woods and sometimes at times Kat feels like something is watching her. It really is a lot for one already emotion character but Kat steps up you see a lot of change in her.

I felt that the book built up well with enough action and drama to keep your attention. There was brilliant family drama between Kat and her granddad but there is also weirdness with Kat’s friend family. There is also this great mystery hanging over the town that Kat is slowly picking up on. I was really glad the book was so long and unrushed because it gave you time to get to know the character and the town and learn to love them and feel a closeness to the people you are reading about. I felt the authors wrote a brilliant book with lots of romance, pain and danger all mixed up into one fabulous book. It gripped you and by the end, I was breathless for more.

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Fiction express

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Author: Jenny Ryan
Title: Falling backwards
When a stranger takes the seat next to Leah on the plane to Mexico and unburdens her unhappy story, Leah finds herself involved in someone else's life in a way she'd never thought possible. Can Leah help April correct the mistakes of her past and find peace at last? Will she risk losing herself in the process?
"This is one of those books where you know from the start it is going to be your new favourite." 
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e 4 new dystopian fiction novels for 2012 and 2013

Starters by Lissa Price
Starters by Lissa Price an American screenwriter, publishing in April 2012, is an action-packed
thriller set in a world where eternal youthfulness can be had – at a price. One girl has the ability to
bring it all tumbling down . . . RHCB acquired UK and Commonwealth rights from Heather Shapiro at
Baror International and will be launching globally alongside Random Inc for a truly international

Struck by Jenifer Bosworth
A post- apocalyptic Los Angeles is the setting for Struck by Jenifer Bosworth, publishing in July 2012.
After the city is devastated by an earthquake, Mia Price finds herself in the middle of a power
struggle between two fanatical cults; one that wants to save the world and another that wants to
destroy it. RHCB acquired UK and Commonwealth rights from Alex Webb of the Rights People, acting
on behalf of FSG.

The Lost Girl by Sangu Mandanna’s
Sangu Mandanna’s debut The Lost Girl publishes in early 2013 and centres around Eva, a feisty teen
girl who technically has no true identity of her own. Eva is forced to abandon everything she's ever
known and loved, finding herself torn between two worlds. RHCB acquired UK and Commonwealth
rights from Sarah Malloy of A.M. Heath acting on behalf of the Elizabeth Kaplan agency.

ACID by Emma Pass
And finally, children’s librarian  Emma Pass, releases  ACID in early 2013. This action-packed novel
introduces us to Jenna Strong, a truly kick-ass heroine who is serving time in an all-male prison for
the murder of her parents. Set one hundred years in the future in a Big Brother style society; Britain
is now under the control of ACID – a terrifying all-seeing police force. RHCB acquired world rights
from Carolyn Whitaker of London Independent Books

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witch eyes by Scott Tracey review

Witch EyesWitch Eyes by Scott Tracey

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Witch eyes is a book that was easy to get into from the very first page i was hooked. Braden has always know he was different the faceted his a witch and that his eyes can see the world in a whole new light. Braden lives with his uncle and is home school but when he see's that something bad is about to happen he head to belle dam but what he finds there is a war between two family's. Both sides want to use Braden gift but there is so much worse going on in this town.People are being manipulated by something more then two fighting family's and this person will stop at nothing to get what they want!

Braden is a brilliant character his different and more then that he want's his own life and his want's to make friends and get a boyfriend. Poor braden only want's a simply life but because of who he is that can't happy and its because of this you love to follow his story and find out what happens next. When the story line gets into fall swing it's action pack with magical outbursts and more danger then you could shake a stick at and that not the half of it. There was just so much you can love in this book it was so....amazing i loved the love twist and the secret and lies that seem to make this town and most of all i loved how much of this book was about family. The book really pointed out that sometimes family are not always normal and happy and its hard to love people when they just want to use you.

If you like magic, danger and romance this book is going to be for you.

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Struck by Rhonda Stapleton give away

Struck by Rhonda Stapleton

Felicity Walker believes in true love. That's why she applies for a gig at the matchmaking company Cupid's Hollow. But when Felicity gets the job, she learns that she isn't just a matchmaker...she's a cupid! (There's more than one of them, you know.)
Armed with a hot pink, tricked-out PDA infused with the latest in cupid magic (love arrows shot through email), Felicity works to meet her quota of successful matches. But the path to love is not always a straight shot...

darker still winner!!

Darker Still (Magic Most Foul #1) by Leanna Renee Hieber
contest is over!
Entry #120Yvonne Leacy

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Last breath by Rachel Caine review

Last breath by Rachel Caine
The humans of Morganville are lead to believe that the vampires are the only big bad things to be scared of. So when a simple note scares those vampires so much they make plains to pack up and leave. It leaves the residents of the glass house wondering what’s scary enough to make the vampires run.

I’m a massive Morganville vampire fan. What I love best is that each book has the same main characters but the stories are always different and exciting.

As I have read all the books in the series I can say that the main characters feel more like family to me. To me it’s like I’m reading about people I have known all my life. Yet again in this book it starts off funny and like any so called normal day in a town run by vampires and before you know it the book is straight into the action.

This time Claire and her friends are trying to work out who is kidnapping the local vampires in town but the closer they get to the truth the more danger they are in. While the book is really gripping and the action packed there is also a lot more to love about the book. At times the book is so emotional you feel like braking down with the characters.  There is also lots of funny chats and nicknames that are used in the book that make you laugh truth be told this book really does have a mix of everything. Yet again the gang work well together and help each other get by so you really get to love everything about this book and the series.
Rachel Caine writing style is always easy to read and everything thing she writes is top class.

I have to give this book 5 stars it’s another breath taking book to a one of a kind series what more could readers want! 

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

The other life by Susanne Winnacker review

The other life by Susanne Winnacker
Sherry has spent the last 3 years 1 month lock in a bunker with her family. They all believe that a bad strain of rabies had started making people crazy under orders from the military they stayed safe in the bunker everything changes when they run out of food. Sherry and her dad leave in search of food but what they find is the world has changed.  

The story in this book is brilliant sherry family have been locked away for so long they have no idea what’s going on in the world outside of their own four walls. You get to understand the life within the bunker is not easy it’s like being trapped in prison. You have nothing to do except the same thing every day. The author makes shore you get to know sherry and the life before they leave the bunker.

Once Sherry has to leave the bunker the story takes on a dark and dangerous twist. While reading you were always on guard waiting for the next attack the weepers were such an amazing aspect  of the book .while to start with the weepers reminded me of zombies I soon saw the truth the weepers are still very much alive and super intelligent completely different from the walking dead. There were also a lot of truths and lies packed into the book and everything really did fit well together and made for an enjoyable read.

One of my favourite things about this book was how the authors maintained the fear factor and also mixed in romance. Susanne really knows how to write and I can’t wait to see what happens next in this dark and completely absorbing series.    

5 stars

Annmarie best books review

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