Monday, 13 May 2013

Darkest power series!

Darkest power series by Kelley Armstrong

This has got to be one of my all time favourite series! Since the first time I read the series I fell in love with it, I’ve reread the series so many times now and yet I’m still not bored of it. 


-I love the story line its unique and one of a kind its well planed out and keeps you guessing the whole way though. There is a lot going on throughout the whole book and each pages unfolds and gives you a insight into the world of the darkest power series. I loved the idea of a group of kids being different and powerful yet the people they trust most have changed them and pretty much turned them into weapons. The bad guys where bad and smart and most of the time I thought half crazy on power. There was none stop action, mystery and drama and heaps more to sink your teeth into. 

-The character had to be one of the best things about the book solid and likable you can’t help but want to read on and on and keep you fingers crossed that all goes well for them. There is always going to be a character you love most and while Chloe is kick arse and hands down amazing there was one character that by all means made these books for me was Derek. Derek was one those characters that creep up on you and you had no idea you went from not noticing him to loving him and feeling for him. He was by far my favourite and even after reading the books Derek still stays in you mind long after you put the books away. 

-The writing style in this series way also another part I loved it was so simply to read and get into and that’s all thanks to the author. How she writes and gets everything so right in this series. 

-The emotion in the book is something that could blow any reader away in my eyes the hardest thing a author has to do is make me feel. I can read a whole book series and I can liked it but I never really felt anything but not in this series. I felt pretty much everything the characters go though I laughed, cried and felt hope and more. 

Now I really could go on and one about this series but why not just read it :D 


-I only really have one problem that the series ended I know I know everything has to end but WHY!! Lol but that’s the only thing I really disliked and that only because I wanted more after reading the darkest power and then moving onto the spin off based in the same world I still wanted more but Oh well :D

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  1. I have all three books but have yet to read the last one. And I've had it since it came out. Oops!


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