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Consume by Melissa Darnell, review by alice

Consume (The Clann, #3)Consume by Melissa Darnell
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NetGalley Review

Wow this book picks up right where Covet finished. Tristan is going thru the change after Savannah had to change him into a Vampire to save his life. It takes a few months for him to regain his memories and control his bloodlust, and in that time him and sav have a few problems that make you want to knock their heads together.
They end up back home, and from there things quickly go downhill.
This book made me cry, it made me laugh, it had me hoping and wanting a happy ending for Sav, Tristan and all their friends and family, sadly that doesn’t go as planned and im not gonna say anymore about it since I don’t want to ruin it, but I will say READ IT AS SOON AS ITS OUT!! This book is freaking awesome.

I absolutely adore the writing style of Ms Darnell, it has you hooked from the very first page. I hadn’t reread Covet before reading this, and I didn’t need too, it all came rushing back to me as soon as I started Consume. I loved the world building, the descriptions of their world and lives, it made me feel as if I was actually there living it with Tristan and Savannah. I also loved how this book is told in the dual POV of Tristan and Savannah, you get to have a real insight into both characters into what they are both feeling.

I cant say anymore without giving away the secrets of this book, but I will say it was the PERFECT ending to a AWESOME series, and I will be waiting in anticipation for this authors next book to see where she goes, and what she writes.

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