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Love and other Demons - The Witching Pen Blog Tour PLUS GIVEAWAY

If you have not yet read The Witching Pen series, these posts may contain spoilers, as we are now on the last book!

With The Last Dragon released on 4th October, we’ve been having a little recap at everything that’s happened in this paranormal fantasy romance series so far.

Today I'm going to give you some insider info about the seven demon tribes and one of the things I had in mind when I created them. In the end, I never went in depth with this thought process in the series, because it would have taken the story in another direction too early on, and away from the Witching Pen and free will (which is what I really wanted to focus on).

Here's the history of the seven demon tribes in brief:

Lokoli – an angel who was demonised and cast out of Heaven, and then became known as the most bloodthirsty demon of all. She stole the Witching Pen from Heaven and created a new dimension she could rule over, as well as seven demon tribes:

The Lagool lived in water – oceans, rivers and swamps – and she gave them the gift of sight.
The Brujii lived in the forests and woods, and were given the gift of magic.
The Malattal lived under the ground, in caves, and held the gift of prophecy.
The Brokk inhabited the cold places of the north, and were given the gift of immortality.
The Totilemi were not limited to a region, but travelled the earth, and were given the gift of knowledge.
The Dessec inhabited the hot deserts, and were given the ability to bend time.
The Shanka, a type of succubi (and the males, incubi), were given the gift of creation itself – the power of life and death. But too afraid their power would be used against her, Lokoli banished them from the earth, forcing them to live ethereally, only able to enter this dimension through shadows and dreams. The Shanka did eventually kill Lokoli, but only after she awarded them with the Witching Pen. It became rightfully theirs, and to date, the Shanka and the angels are the only two races that can touch the Pen without it causing them damage.

When humans grew in numbers upon the earth, followed by the 'fallen', demons became outnumbered and shunned, and retreated into their own separate dimensions, all of which can be reached via portals, except for the Shanka's dimension which exists only in shadow.

And here's the thought process I decided not to write about: The seven demon tribes, subliminally, can also represent the seven deadly sins: a manifestation of Lokoli's banishment from Heaven. In turn, this would have given them an even stronger connection to humans in the reader's mind, and the ability to transcend (or master) “sin” is given another angle (particularly through the demons we get to know in this series) when the story is read as a whole in this way.

wrath - Dessec
greed - Malattal
sloth - Lagool
pride - Totilemi
lust - Shanka
envy - Brujii
gluttony - Brokk

As I said, in the end, if I had incorporated this, it would have taken two more books overall, I think(!), and I really wanted the series to focus on the aspect of the Pen and what it means. Nevertheless, the above was in my mind when I created the story and the seven demon tribes.

Before The Last Dragon explodes into publication, read book one of the series, The Witching Pen, currently FREE to download across most retailers! See here for download links:

It's hard being the most powerful witch on the planet. It's even harder when you're a twenty-five year old virgin who'll lose all of that power the moment you sleep with someone ... that's why Elena's never slept with her best friend and flatmate, Karl, despite the true feelings they harbour for each other.

Elena's about to discover that there are even more difficult things in life to deal with. One of them comes in the form of a pen she discovers one day, a pen that allows anything she writes to come to pass...

Suddenly, it's not just her powers or her heart that's at stake, but her very soul, as a dream demon with a seductive pull uses the pen to try and turn her away from her reality, and from Karl.

But the pen is just the beginning. Everything Elena has believed in is a lie, and her world is about to fall apart...

The entire series can be viewed here: and mark 4th October on your calendar to know how it all ends with The Last Dragon.

Author of The Witching Pen and the international bestselling Eye Of The Storm series.
Dianna combines a titillating mix of paranormal romance and urban fantasy into her writing to bring you stories that are action-packed, fast-paced and not short of heat, with the focus on both character development and the plot. She writes both full-length novels and short fiction. All further info can be found at


The Witching Pen website:

 The Earth is in a state of shock after the apocalypse. The veil between dimensions is no more. Demons and fallen angels walk among humans, and everyone is trying to find their place in the new world - Morgan le Fey's world.

But the fairy queen finds herself cemented within humanity and struggling with human emotions, and her right-hand-man, Lucifer, has secrets which are causing fissions among every race.

Meanwhile, Karl and Elena struggle with their powers, Katarra delivers an important message, and two men will stop at nothing to protect their unborn child - the Messiah of the New Age - and the woman they love.

Far to the east, the fallen Archangel Michael is fighting for the one he holds above all others.

The Last Dragon is about to rise and seal everyone's future, which depends solely on its survival ... or its extinction.

Notes: The Witching Pen series is comprised of a paranormal romance trilogy (books 1-3) and an urban fantasy novel, The Last Dragon. It is HIGHLY recommended that you read the trilogy first, so that you are not lost with this story. (Contains explicit scenes of sex and some violence.)


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