Tuesday, 5 November 2013

GodOfTnt - Minecraft

John & Jack server owners


Tnt stands for taking new territory and that is exactly what we do!
Being a survival server we have implemented ways to stop people destroying and stealing your stuff.
We also have the option to turn off PVP (player vs player) so you can literally make everything the way you want it.
With our crack team or administrators and moderators the server is constantly protected no matter what.

We can offer such things as drop parties every now and then for extra free goodies, simply because we can :)
Every time a big event comes up such as Christmas, New years, Halloween and pretty much anything our members feel strongly about.

The server currently has two people who run pretty much everything Jack and John (that's me) and everything is done with players in mind, everything is tested and gone through with a fine tooth comb.
If you enjoy a good community with friendly people then you should definitely join!

There is so much to offer for Minecrafters I can't even begin to explain it all, join up and give it a go, every member is equally as important as the next.

We also have forum for you to post ideas and all sorts which you should check out too:

(Server IP address)

Members and staff playing on server

See you there! 


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