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~Blog Tour~ The Spell Of Summer by Dianna Hardy

The Spell of Summer Blog Tour

Stop 3: NOT writing the Alpha male

Yes, okay, you all know that I love my werewolves (Eye Of The Storm series) – all three of those fanged males with their own Alpha tendencies, ranging from mild to volcanic. But I have a secret: I love to write a sweet guy – no, not boring – sweet. There are few things in life as sexy as a confident, open man who knows his own mind and takes life in his stride, and this is what we get with Jamie, the male protagonist in The Spell of Summer. He's not without his own hurts, of course, but he's pretty damn solid, and hell, it was refreshing. He felt very “real” as I was writing him, maybe because I've known a couple of guys like him (when you get them on a good day, anyway!).

Yep, Jamie's always known what he wants … and it's hot as hell :)

Meredith is leading a straight-laced life in London with her straight-laced fiancé, determined to forget her reckless, wild-child past. They're about to get married.

Jamie is an old, poetic soul with a broken heart returning home to Cornwall to get his life back in order.

What binds them?

One chance meeting thirteen summers ago; one innocent spell spoken after one perfect night...

And now history is unravelling; the past and present, merging...

Words can change everything, but can they change your destiny?

And in the messy world of magic, what part does love play?

It's summer all over again, but the spell has only just begun.

Defined as Practical Magic meets a Nicholas Sparks novel, written
'Dianna Hardy-style' - do not miss this summer's must-read story!


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Author Bio
: Dianna Hardy is the international bestselling author of The Witching Pen series, and the Eye Of The Storm series. She writes paranormal / urban fantasy and contemporary fiction that's twisted in plot, big on the romance, high on the erotic, with a dusting of humour. She currently lives in Surrey (United Kingdom) with her partner and their daughter, where she writes full-time.
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  1. Yes, I love alphas, but Jamie floats my boat too. :)

  2. I'm excited! I've never read your books before!! They look awesome! Magic and romance is my favorite and not many write it!! Thank you for writing books that I want to read :)

  3. I can't wait to read your new book!

  4. I finished it last night and I know I will be reading it again, maybe even this week. I loved the characters, loved the plot, I loved it all.

  5. So excited to finish my class so I can read this book

  6. Adding this to my tbr pile. While I love alpha male books, sometimes I just want to read about a good guy who isn't a total badass (but isn't a pushover either). It makes for a great change of pace!

  7. I absolutely love my Alpha males but I must admit that its wonderful to stop and smell tthe roses with a sweet guy at times, what a way to spend a hot and steamy day!

  8. Everyone, thanks for entering! picked number 8 - which is Kathy Williams! Congrats! I've just sent you a message to your linked Google account. Thanks so much, everyone for entering - hope the summer's nice and hot for you :) Dianna xxx

  9. Thank you, I can't wait to start reading and wearing that beautiful necklace! Hooray :)


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