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The Elementalists by C. Sharp My rating: 5 of 5 stars Review by annmarie

The ElementalistsThe Elementalists by C. Sharp
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Chloe has never been popular more like invisible, but after the holidays going back to school she knows it will be like all the rest just work hard and get good grades, but her first day turns out to be a mega fail the most popular girl hates her. She is know known for being struck by lightning during the holidays that's bad on its own, but other weird things are happening to with worldwide disasters like earthquakes and tornadoes happening all the time and on top of that the bad weather seems to follow her about like an oman along with some creature that she keeps seeing that, can't be real and the memory lose either the world is coming to an end or she is going crazy either way trouble is coming!

When I started this book I was not really sure what to expect if I'm honest, but within second of starting I knew that this book was going to blow me away and it did.

The storyline is phenomenal it was unlike any book I had read I loved that you saw the family drama with Chloe and her mum and getting a clear view of school life, but it was the prophecy and world disasters that got me the most. The author took so many things that I thought there was no way you could mix together, but the author did and made the book spectacular. The book made me think about things in real life about the way people flatten forests and put toxins in the water about how we are now and the book really made me think and I really loved that.

The Author added great detail to everything and I felt like I was seeing everything through Chloe's eyes and feeling everything she was. Chloe is a wonderful character she was likeable and down to earth. I loved the fact she was not popular or stuck up and struggled with the normal day to day things and was not the best at social interaction. She was kind and determined and I liked that about her.

The book was so easy to follow and it flows like water there was no patches that dragged or got boring the whole book had me glued and I found nothing that bugged me and for me it was perfect

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