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Kill the boy band Goldy Moldavsky Review

Kill the Boy BandKill the Boy Band by Goldy Moldavsky
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Kill the boy band Goldy Moldavsky
Kill the boy band is about four fans of a boy band called the Rupert’s. They live for everything Rupert related they buy every album, pick their favourite members, kiss posters, buy tickets to shows the moment they are available, wait hours in the pouring rain to get a glimpse of their teen obsession. The normal fandom but at what point does being a fan become insanity kidnapping a band member. Maybe even murder? Who would have guessed that having fan’s could become so deadly?

I was unsure about this book, at first, it’s not my normal read but once I started I found that it was dark humoured that made me chuckle and made me think about what each character said. The moment I started I felt like I had stepped on the crazy train and the author was taking me down a path of madness but in a funny and insane storyline that had me laugh and think about some really weird things like the fans of today and at what point does being a fan become unhealthy. I felt like was watching the story unfold from the inside of a teenage girl’s head and I was seeing the crazy unfold before my eyes and at each point the girls got themselves deeper and deeper and it made me want to read on and see how it would all end.

The book was fun in a twisted and sometime dark way but it was easy to get into and while it was a work of fiction it did make me think about what fans of today are like and the steps people go to for signed stuff from their favourite actors. The fact that sometimes people cling to things rather than dealing with the real problems or that sometimes it’s best to just say no and do the right thing. It was madness what this book made me think really because over all the books was simply brilliant and crazy and I felt like I was slowly getting deeper and deeper as the book went on.

To sum this, book up it’s simply dark twisted and deeply funny and once you start you just welcome the crazy.

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