Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Witch hunter by C.N. Crawford review

Witch Hunter (The Vampire's Mage #2)Witch Hunter by C.N. Crawford
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Read book one and moved right onto book two and I was not disappointed. Truth is a lot more of the back story was uncovered in this book some of the characters and their behavers made more sense than in the first book. I sometimes thought why is he doing this why does it matter and while reading through this book as the story progressed I found myself understanding more and more as to why the characters acted the way they did how their pasted had molded them into what I was seeing now. There was a lot of secrets and lies and so many twists and turns and I really enjoyed uncovering and following the storyline it was an exciting ride all the way through to the end it does make me think about what may lay ahead in book three and I will carry on reading happily to find out.

I also felt that the main character was just a little smarter than before when she was doing stupid things for no reason I was infuriated but she seems to be getting better which I like, made it easier to connect with her. She was determined to uncover her pasted and the stuff that was haunting her and while I'm unsure what that will mean for her as I carry on reading I am excited to find out. I think on of the main things I was sad about is the fact the author did not have more about Caine brother something in me really wants him to be more active in the books.

Overall the book was an easy and exciting read I had no problems zooming through its pages like a demon and it's always a clear sign of a book when you can get through it so fast without taking breaks or needing to go off and do something else. I do hope the next book is just as good or better than the last.

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