Thursday, 5 May 2011

Bite club by Rachel Caine review-annmarie

5 stars
i recommend this book.
may include spoilers
After discovering that vampires populate her town, college student Claire Danvers knows that the undead just want to live their lives. But someone else wants them to get ready to rumble. 

There's a new extreme sport getting picked up on the Internet: bare- knuckle fights pitting captured vampires against each other-or humans. Tracking the remote signal leads Claire- accompanied by her friends and frenemies-to discover that what started as an online brawl will soon threaten everyone in Morganville.

ill start by saying im a massive morganville fan!!
after a series get so many books i start to worry that the series will get boring but this series just keeps getting better. i read the book in less than a day and i was loving every page...the characters are so likeable and the book setting is one of a kind but what i love most about this book is EVERYTHING!! its amazing and one of my favourite ones so far. if you like vampires you need this series you have not lived till you read this series so so good there are no words that cover how amazing this series and this book is.
i loved it and there are no word that could cover this book greatness.

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