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Guardian by Elita Daniels review - by alice

blurb from goodreads
Beautiful vampire Anna, is entangled in a social conflict between human and vampire races. The Vampire Infection they'd thought could uncover medical miracles has spread out into the city.

Carrier Vampires who can infect people with the blood lust disease have been detained in an attempt to halt the spread. Non-carriers have been left to normal lives, treated with sedating medication. But there were still too many accidents, it's been decided by Alicorp to assign human protectors - mandated by law.

These protectors are know as....Guardians.

Anna falls in love with her guardian, a man who wants to find a cure, but the more she learns about him and his association with Alicorp the harder she finds it to trust him.

my review
may contain spoilers

this is my first read from author elita daniels
i have to say great job elita, i was hooked from page one
i loved the concept of how the vampires had human guardians, to keep them in check and from running amok.
Anna the main character shes the vampire, she gets a guardian leon, they fall in love, something happens (not gonna tell you what for that you have to read the book :) ) and they part ways, enter greg, a human guy that has had his eye on anna for a while, they start dating, and all the while anna has another guardian who turns out to be a prick, then she gets another one.

i loved how all the characters reacted with each other, made it so much more believable.
and wow what a ending, elita i am anxiously awaiting book 2, great work, and i highly recomend this to anyone who is sick of the same old vampire stories, please check this one out, you wont be dispointed :)

i give this book


  1. Great review. Thanks for sharing.

  2. your welcome linda, i loved this book so i highly recomend that you go and check it out :)

  3. Loved it! Want this book. Thanks for sharing.

  4. wow. great review. I love seeing what others think about books that are familiar to me. Thanks for posting


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