Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Dark Eden By Patrick Carman review

7 kids with life changing fears, fears that haunt your dreams and fills your throat with a scream. Will has been seeking treatment for his fear.  His doctor has tried to help but there has been no change. His doctor finally refers Will to a place that can really cure him of his fears and make him normal again.

When the 7 kids make their way to dark Eden Will starts to feel jumpy and uneasy. Will ends up hiding away from everyone else right under everyone's noises. Will end's up watching everyone else from the safety of a bomb bumper.

The book is told from will's point of view so you see and hear everything he does. You don't get to hear what Will true fear is till half way through the book so it leaves you guessing about what's wrong with him. I'll be honest for a big part of book I did think that Will was crazy little bit mental but as you go along in the book you start to see what Will is getting at and maybe he has a right to be scared.

While you watch the other get cured and Will time get closer you wonder what's really going on and what does this strange so called doctor really after from these kids.

I really did get into the book and I fell in love with the story it was fresh and different. The start of the book was really just getting to know the kids and to get to grips with the story but from the half way mark thing started to get creepy. Things start to become clearer and you start to see secrets unfold and you understand that not everyone is telling the truth. It's a well put together book and by the end your shocked at the outcome of the book. 

A great book that will make you look at your own fears.
4 stars   

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  1. Sounds interesting. I'll mention this to my daughter, I think she would like it aswell :)



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