Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Darker Still (Magic Most Foul #1) by Leanna Renee Hieber review

Darker Still (Magic Most Foul #1)
Natalie Stewart's has always been over looked she has not spoken a word since her mother’s death. People normal look at her as if she is brain dead but when a strange but sexy painting walks into her life she finally finds that there is more to her then what meets the eye. As this strange painting brings Natalie happiness it also brings danger and heart ache.

The story is told by Natalie Stewart's the book is basically her dairy. She writes down what happens each day. You see Natalie is unable to speck since her mother death no words have come out of her month so now she write everything down. People seem to think she is stupid and dumb but she is far from it. I found Natalie bright and most of all interesting she writes in way that makes all her thoughts and feelings clear and she tells her story in a way that lets you see the whole thing unfold in front of your eyes.   

Natalie was easy to like while the time the book was based in was far from what I would normal read, I found that time really did not change much Natalie was still a normal teen she hated the way she was treated and the way people could look at her like she was nothing. What really made Natalie likeable were the thoughts she sometimes had.  

Now the storyline in the book was brilliant I loved the way the book progressed in a way that you were glued to your seat wanting more. The book was not to fast but not slow ether, There was lots going on that made you need to learn more. The book at times was really dark and alluring with evil magic and death but there were times that it was light funny and you hoped for that happy ending. I loved the characters and most of all a brilliantly written book that left you with a feeling like the pictures in your house was watching you. 

4 Stars 


  1. cool on my wishlist since may this yr
    so looking 4ward to read it

  2. It was a really good book and i love your blog :D

  3. This sounds great - better add it to my 'to buy' pile - getting HUGE now!

  4. I have this one I need to read!!:)


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