Sunday, 22 January 2012

Learning In The Dark by Margaret Sarah Bechtel review by alice

what's it about?

One careless moment can alter a life forever. At the age of ten Lynn loses her eyesight in a terrible accident. Years later her life becomes entangled with the people who caused her blindness. While Lynn is learning in the dark, can she learn to forgive?

My Review

OMG this book was just mind blowing. the emotions, i needed like 2 boxes of tissues for it.
i read this book in one sitting it was just that wonderful.
what lynn had to overcome was amazing, and yes some points of the book i just wanted to slap her.
i loved the way this book was written, you can clearly feel every single emotion from the characters.
i cannot wait to read more books from margaret as the just keep getting better and better
if you have never read anything from this author, and if you love books where your emotions are always on display then this is the book for you :)

where can you find her and where to buy her books 

thank you for reading my review and i hope you enjoy the book as much as i did ~alice~

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