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Shattered Dreams by Ellie James review

Shattered Dreams (Midnight Dragonfly, #1)Shattered Dreams by Ellie James
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Shattered dreams by Ellie James
Trinity has lived a sheltered life with her grandmother in the mountains but when she dies leaving Trinity to go to stay with her aunty. All seems well until a game of truth or dare in an abandoned house with Trinity so called friends turns nasty. After the humiliation in the house Trinity is left feeling stupid for trusting them. She is anger and ticked off so when the ring leader Jessica goes missing people blame Trinity.

Wonder what else could go wrong she starts having visions of Jessica. Trinity know she need to find Jessica before it’s too late but while doing so she is faced with more drama and finds that her whole life she has been lied to. Will she find the truth and find Jessica before it’s too late.

The begin of the book steps right into teen drama Trinity is new to the school and already seems to be ticking the popular girl off. I found that the start was not only a good intro in the book but a great way of viewing normal teen drama. I soon clocked on that something was very different about Trinity which made her stand out to the normal kids. I liked that she was not afraid to stand up to Jessica while others would have walked away. She was strong yet had this hidden softer side after all her losses I could understand why she felt so untrusting and guarded.

Now the storyline was really exciting I love the twist of supernatural power that Trinity had. I felt the author mixed the normal drama and supernatural parts together really well so you felt that it was almost real. Then there was this almost crime mystery side of the book with Jessica missing and the mystery over the main charter Trinity as well you had no time to get bored as there was just so much in the book. I would say there was something for everyone in this storyline.

I only really had the one dislike and that was I read the book in less them 12 hours it was just so good I wanted more! Excellent start to a new and exciting series.

Shattered dreams is packed with drama and mystery and fast paced storyline that left you wanting more.

Five stars.

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