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Chase by Dawn Martens and Chantal Fernando blog tour

Synopsis: Moving in with a guy you only met once? Stupid.
But for student Layla Crawford, this was reality.
Chase Jackson is a renowned playboy and self professed commitment phobe, that is until he meets Layla.
Blinded by his intensity to have her, Chase will stop at nothing to make her his.
With a jealous ex and old conquests repeatedly making appearances, Chase' s skeletons come out of the closet one by one, each one pushing Layla further and further away.
Layla is determined to keep her distance. Chase now has to convince the only woman he has ever wanted that he is worth the gamble.

Dawn :
I drink too much, Swear too much, and Read too much. I don't have a filter, and I tend to speak before I think.
I live in Alberta Canada.
I have an amazing pain in the ass husband, and two little girls.
I have a huge love of reading. I've been a beta reader, and helped a few authors edit. On top of those things, because I don't plan to give them up, I figured it was time to take the leap and write a book.
It wouldn't be possible without my girl Chantal!!!

Chantal: I'm 26 and a mother of three beautiful little boys.
I've been happily married since I was 18 and live in Western Australia.
I love to read and write; I'm a dreamer.
Chase is my debut novel, written with my friend Dawn.

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My Review


ChaseChase by Chantal Fernando
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

First off thank you to the authors for letting me BETA read this story.

One word is used to describe this book, AMAZING!!!!
It was so amazing that I have read it twice in the last week.
It starts off with layla looking for a place to stay, she ends up at jame’s and kade’s home who are looking for a flatmate. I must say that I love james and kade, they are awesome characters and totally swoonworthy, there were quite a few laugh out loud moments with them, and I cant wait to read their stories. Layla’s best friend Nikki is also another character that I cant wait to find out more about, same goes for layla’s cousin ryder, who also gets his own story, it will be interesting who ends up with Nikki, will it be kade, ryder or james, OR will the authors go In a completely different direction, I for one cant wait :)

Onto the main man Chase, he is swoon worthy, hot and a wicked character that I loved to read bout. He has his secrets and that does make layla pissed at him quite a bit, expecially when there is a EX of his trying to drive a wedge between them.

I loved the writing style of this book, it was so easy to read and had me hooked from the first chapter, and I couldn’t put it down as I wanted to know what happened next. I loved how for layla and chase everything is tied up and done with in the one book, it’s a nice refreshing change than having it dragged out to a series. I know we will catch up with them in the other guys books so its not as if its goodbye. I loved the ending, thought it was perfect.
I cant wait to see where the authors take the other guys stories, and what happens, if anything with layla and chase in the rest of the compainion novels.

If you love contemporary romance books then this one is definitely for you. If you love hot, tattooed males in your books then it will be right at the top of your wishlist.

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