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Interview with Renata Urbionate.

Interview with Renata Urbionate.
I want to say a big thank you for agreeing to do this interview. I would also like to say that while you’re not the author of the book you still very much a part of the book. 
Renata Urbionate would really love you to take the time and read A Brave New World by CONNOR FITZGERALD

1. Could you tell us 5 fun facts about yourself?

facts about me not sure they would be fun, I'm From Lithuania, I trained as a gymnast for the London Oylimpics, I'm a Group Captain in The B-Squad, I'm a Judo Instructor and I like Indian food

2.whats your connection to the book?

I'm not connected to the book other than my story is told in it. The book is about The B Squad a group of individuals selected from their facebook profiles to work with the G8 world leaders and help prevent terrorism, I was one of those selected and well not to give too much away all is not what it seems did you feel when you found out the author was going to write this story? 
My Squad Commander informed us that the book would be written to tell the world our story and how we saved London from a terrorist attack as well as preventing an assasination attempt on The President of USA and tackling Human Trafficking and Piracy

4.did you have any involvement while the book was being written ? 

I was asked to tell my story which at times was heart wrenching because it involves my sister who was taken from us when she was just 16 with the promise of a better life but was instead sold into the sex trade alike is the book to the true events and how much is fiction? 
Obviously details have been changed and with all good books a certain amount of fiction has been added for entertainment value so I'll not spoil it an leave this one up to the reader to decide for themselves

6.what effect has the book had on yours and you familys life?

 The book has had a profound effect on my life and my family's because before the book was written they did not know the full facts about what happenned to my sister and we thought long and hard before telling them but in the end it brought us closer together and meant we had no more secrets so I guess in a way it was a kind of therapy

7.could you tell us abit about the book?

The book is the story of a group of people selected from facebook to take part in something dangerous but profound trying to stop terrorism by cutting off supplies of money and weapons to terrorist groups but the book also explores the back stories of those selected and explains why they were chosen. The book is in two parts and in the second after the revelation the book takes a turn telling how revenge was sought for those who lost their lives in part one. It is a great story and it is amazing how the author had shown how the lives of the individuals changed and how thier relationships were formed. The story is one tat had to be told but the author has done this in an exhilerating way so informing the reader whilst making it highly entertaining as a novel

8.also do you read other books and what other books would you recommend? 

 I'm afraid the books I read myself are very different indeed and like all women I like a bit of sexy romance I guess so my favourite book of all time is My Story Confessions of a Swinger by Nicci Greene in it she tells her own story one of lust and love ad it gives you a facinating insight into the world of swinging which I would never be a part of but was interested in finding out about. I like all of Nicci Greene's books but this one is my fav

Thank you so much again for doing the interview and thanks for sharing so much about yourself and the book.

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  1. Renata, thanks for sharing such intimate & candid interview... Further, more thanks for the courage to make a difference!

    Don ~


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