Friday, 15 April 2011

Plague By Michael grant. review -annmarie

plague is the forth book in the gone series by Michael grant.

This is a blood-pumping, white-knuckle sci-fi thriller of epic proportions. The FAYZ goes from bad to worse...The darkness has been foiled once again and the resurrected Drake has been contained. But the streets of Perdido Beach are far from safe, with a growing army of mutants fighting against the humans for power in the town. In a small room of a house near the edge of town, Little Pete lies ill on a bed. In his fevered dreams, he continues his battle with the hidden evil that seeks to use his power to bring about anarchy and destruction.

i have followed this series from the start loving everything about the books and this book was no different.
Plague throws in more problems for the kids of the fayz with more evil around ever corner you are gripped to your seats hoping for the best. the characters are all well thought out and strong in there own ways but with such a strong story you really see that some characters shine more then others. i was not disappointed by the ending but it did make me wish i had the next book. im not shore how much more the author can make of these series with out covering old ground so im starting to think maybe the end of the series might not be to far off and the faced this is such an amazing series i really dont want the author to over do it and the storyline become boring like some series out there. for now the book and the series are one of my favourites and i think most book lover well love the series. 

WARNING: there are parts in the book (and series) that are very horrific parts scenes of cruelty and violence in the book that could be distressing for some readers 

i give the book five stars 

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  1. This is good book. Really, I like it. The story, the caracters, everyone. I love Caine, Sanjit and Pete.


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