Sunday, 5 June 2011

annmarie thoughts on article darkness to visible.

hi all best books follows. 
im guessing most of you have see the link going around all the facebook book pages the article is called 
Darkness Too Visible by Mrs. Gurdon here is link for you all to read the hate she writes about the books about 

now what i want to talk about is that if we are all honest there is a lot of things about that can be classed as dark and so one music, video games films and tv but today this women thought she would pick on books which i would normal ignore but the faceted is what the women wrote really ticked me off.

she starts off by saying that this women is trying to find her 13 year old daughter book in b&n and can only see   vampires and suicide and self-mutilation, this dark, dark stuff. which i find pretty hard to believe that that was all that was on the shelf and also most book shops have all their books up in age appropriately ways so maybe this women was looking at the wrong book shelf .

the women write then about how dark all these books are and so on about how ‘’ Now, whether you care if adolescents spend their time immersed in ugliness probably depends on your philosophical outlook. Reading about homicide doesn't turn a man into a murderer; reading about cheating on exams won't make a kid break the honor code. But the calculus that many parents make is less crude than that: It has to do with a child's happiness, moral development and tenderness of heart. Entertainment does not merely gratify taste, after all, but creates it.’’ ‘’ If you think it matters what is inside a young person's mind, surely it is of consequence what he reads. This is an old dialectic—purity vs. despoliation, virtue vs. smut—but for families with teenagers, it is also everlastingly new. Adolescence is brief; it comes to each of us only once, so whether the debate has raged for eons doesn't, on a personal level, really signify.’’

Most teen know the difference between wrong and right and real and fiction yep this women seems to think that just because this teen/kids read it you will do what written in the pages. It just not true most people read because it an escape from the real darkness that is the real world. The true faceted is the real world is a lot darker than any world made up in the pages of the books. im starting to think this women lives in a bubble where there is only good and happy but most people of all ages are not happy it’s just not life. Life is hard and you have to work at it every day books are not TOOLS OF EVIL AND DARKNESS there just a way for people to escape and in some cases books help people copy with the pain of their own lifes.

Well thats my rant for today sorry about any mistakes and grammer im using my mobile. Feel free to comment and let me know what you think. If you read the whole article please let me know what you thought of it. Thank you.

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