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the power of the moon by Tina Carreiro review -alice

 Title: Power Of The Moon

Author: Tina Carreiro
Released: 4th May 2011
Published by: Firefly & Wisp Publishing
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Fantasy

Blurb: When Miakoda Starr tries to help a homeless man whose aura has him marked for death, she throws herself in the middle of an unknown world and is in more trouble than she knows. Soon she meets Detective Cole Barnett. A man that shatters her world in more ways than one, and shows her a life of fear as well as desire.

This book is an adult book, sorry youngesters :)

i was lucky enough for the author to send me the ebook to review and man am i glad she did, yup to begin with i was a bit iffy on reading another vampire book, but damn if all vampires are like cole i would be in heaven.

this book was a rollercoaster ride of emotions and at times i wanted to hit Mia for the way she treated Cole.

i loved mia's friend Cynthia, she was a wonderful character, and cant wait to read the 2nd book to see more of cynthia and her man kevin. what kevin does in the book for his love of cynthia is just amazing.

i really loved this book as i was able to connect almost imediatly with the characters and that is what i love about books.

and HOT DAMN that ELEVATOR SCENE *SWOONS!!!!* where can i get me a Cole and elevator *wink wink*

i give this book a 5 out of 5 as its a refreshing take on vampires and mia's powers and i cant wait for more, thank you Tina for the emotional ride and cant wait for more.

if you havent got this book yet i highly suggest you do :)

Its only out as an ebook so far but will be released as a paperback soon :)


  1. Alice I loved your review, I'm adding this book to my must read and review list :) The book sounds so entertaining and I'm very very interested in reading the "HOT DAMN ELEVATOR SCENE" :D
    Thanxs for the book review and making my book list even longer :P

    -Natasha @ Paranormal Goddess Blog -

    Blog :

  2. Oh man I I have to get to this book !! I want to read the elevator scene ** perverted I know ** but hey I wont pass up a great scene !!!! Thanks for the review lovley ;) I cant belive I hadnt followed you before ;)


  3. i know everytime i pushed the button on my ereader, i was thinking, is the elevator scene next, and everytime elevator was mentioned i was like is it now lol. im glad you ladies liked my review. and @kat i cant believe you werent following before now either :) welcome to the blog. i hope you love the book as much as i did :) -alice

  4. Thank you Alice! I'm delighted you enjoyed the book. I loved your review! It seems I have a challenge on my hands to out-due the elevator scene in book two. And, oh how I love a challenge. ;)


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