Sunday, 19 June 2011

random international giveaway :)

welcome to best books and this random contest :)

contest will run from now til the 25th june.

the prizes

 first prize is a copy of Nightshade by Andrea Cremer

second prize is a beautiful cross stitched bookmark


1: Must be a Follower
2: go to trashpanbagsandcrafts and thank tracey for her donation
3: leave a comment here telling me what paranormal being you would be and why
4: in the same comment thank mariela silva for donating nightshade
5: leave your email and have fun :)


  1. I think that I would want to be a Were of some type. It would be awesome to still be me but also be a beautiful creature and be able to run free when and where I want to :D

    Now saying thank you to Mariela!!!! Girl you are so full of awesomesauce :P

    Oh and I thanked Tracey!


  2. If i could be any paranormal being i would love to be a dark-hunter. They all get awesome powers and get to protect the world without getting credited for it. And they are all beautiful looking. lol

    A very big thank you to Mariela Silva!!! she is just amazing!!!!

    I also thanked Tracy :)



  3. I would pick a vampire. I like the idea of strength, hightened senses, no illness, quick and quick healing. I'm not sure about living forever and drinking blood, but vampires appeal more to me than shifters. I don't want body hair :)

    Thank hyou Mariela for your donation. That was really sweet. Nightshade looks like a great read.

    I thanked Tracy on FB.

    Thanks for the contest.

  4. I would love to be a witch after reading Hex Hall lol Having all that power would so awesome!!

    Thank you so so much Mariela your just amazing!!

    Thanks Ladies!

  5. I'll be a faery people!! hehe I love how the can be extremely beautiful and deathly at the same time!! and Thanks Mariela!!! for the donation!^^

    and you guys for the giveaway!!^^

  6. If I could be a paranormal being, I would love to be a guardian angel and be assigned to the one I love! To be able to protect him would be the best thing in the world for me!!

    Thank you so much Mariela! You are amazing ^^
    Ps: I thanked Tracy!!


  7. entry for tracey panton

    I want to be a vampire with a twist. One that is also an angel. I want to be both pure and evil. I want the wings for a quick get away. I think it would be so cool

    I want to thank mariela silva for donating nightshade
    I also want to thank myself for donating the bookmark!!!

  8. GFC follower here!!

    Thanked Tracey for donation:

    I would love to be a werewolf! You can transform, have tons of strength and look years younger! lol :). I personally think it would be great, especially with the heightened senses :).

    Thank you so much Mariela Silva for donating Nightshade!

    Thank you all for the wonderful opportunity of this giveaway! Really nice of you :). All my best!


  9. Hi girls!

    I tagged you in FB. I'm a follower.

    I will like to thanks Mariela for donating this book. (You are awesome!!!)I love the cover and I heard great reviews.

    If I could be a paranormal being I would love to be a vampire. I would like to have super strength, and have the ability to heal or something like that.

    Thanks for this awesome chance!! and for making it international.
    *fingers crossed*

    mail: mina_ktupquera [at]hotmail[dot]com

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  11. I would choose a were panther! It would be cool to transform into something powerful, beautiful and from the big cat family. Thanks mariela silva for donating nightshade. What a great giveaway!
    *edited to add email

  12. Thank you for the giveaway, I've been looking for Nightshade since forever! So thank you Mariela for the donation!

    Wow... I would like to be a witch and to be able to play with the 4 elements... To control water and to start a fire with a snap of your fingers? So wickedly cool!:D

    Thanks for making this International!


  13. Hi! Love this giveaway!
    I think I would like to be a shifter, transform into anything I wish!
    Thanks to Mariela for Nightshade.
    greetings from CR

  14. I would be a shifter of some kind, most likely a tiger or into any animal I want.

    And thank you to Mariela for the book donation!


  15. Great giveaway!
    I would like to be mermaid because I want to live in the ocean and discover all over the world.
    Thank you, Mariela Silva for your wonderful donation.
    I thanked Tracy on FB.

    artgiote at gmail dot com

  16. I would like to be a shifter. But I would want to be able to shift into any animal of choosing not just one. I could have the freedom of flying through the air, swimming through the see, or racing a panther :)

    Thank Mariela Silva for donating this book. I have been wanting to read it for awhile! Thank you Best Books for the giveaway!

  17. Brittany Norris
    So if i could be any paranormal I think that i would be a vampire because vampire can live forever and they get to see the world change! But i would want to be a good vampire like the Cullens so that I wouldnt kill people. (also so I could hange out with Edward from Twilight and Dimitri and Rose fro Vampire Academy!)

    Thank you Mariela Silva for donating Nightshade! You are AWSOME!

  18. gfc: curte alexandra
    I thanked Tracey! FB:Aleksandra Mihaela

    If i could be a paranormal being i'd go with witch!But the kind that deals with nature,the elements and so on.Magic intrigues me! :)

    Thank you Mariela Silvia!

    crtalexandra at yahoo dot com

  19. Siobhán Phinn

    my entry:

    Vampire!! With out a doubt. a mix between old and new. like a true blood vampire but can go out during the day. I have a story in my head for my ideal vampire but i just can't get words to form. lol

    Mariela Silva thanks for donating nightshade

    lovefantasyscifinovels at hotmail dot co dot uk

  20. Definitely a witch! :) It's cool to have powers and cast spells. It could be for the greater good or for revenge :)) It's awesome to have these kinds of powers in handy :))

    Thank you mariela silva for donating nightshade :)

  21. I would definitely want to be a vampire because of the immortality. Sure, it can be depressing if everyone else around you passes away and you live forever, but I don't really think about that too much xD I do wonder a lot where we end up after we're dead and it's depressing when someone passes away, I would love to live forever.

    P.S. Thank you mariela silva for your donation! (:


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