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Born at Midnight (Shadow Falls #1) by C.C. Hunter review-annmarie

Born at Midnight (Shadow Falls #1)
Kylie's life is really sucking right now her boyfriend has dumped her and is now shacked up with someone else her parents are always fighting and are now getting a divorce and to top it all off, she is seeing someone that’s not there her life could not get any worse right nope it can. Trying to escape for free hours, she heads to a party which ends up getting police searched and everyone is arrested. Her mum has had enough and send Kylie to camp over the holidays only problem is this camp is full of supernatural  weirdo’s and all Kylie can think about is getting home to her normal life the only problem is could Kylie really be a supernatural to.

When you start this book, the first thing that hits you is how much I loved Kylie’s thoughts and feelings when she is feeling down she always seems to think something so funny you want to laugh your head off. Kylie is really confused with everything that’s happening in her life, but I felt that really, deep down, she knew all along that something was not right. She was a great character that you could not help but love and her two roommates are brilliant they all worked really well together, which made the book really easy to get into.

Now the story line was all about supernatrals trying to get along at camp but there were also lots of other things going on like Kylie finding out who she is and whether she can trust Lucas and Derek. Then there is the fact that someone at camp is really out to close the camp down your mind spends lots of time trying to work out who’s doing it and which boy (Lucas or Derek) you like best and want Kylie to end up with which is really hard because I really loved both guys. The author gave you lots to think about and made the story easy and exciting to read.

The ending for me was good it sorted out a lot of loss ends and keeps it well open for the next book in the series all together the book was well written it had lots of dark and light moments that made the book fresh and fun to read.
Five stars 


  1. Great review! I loved that book and cant wait for book 2.


    FYI: you've spelt remember wrong at the top of your website.

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