Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Possess by Gretchen McNeil review- annmarie

I have wanted to read this book from the very first time I saw it, and I was not disappointed.
The book follows the story of Bridget Liu, who life seems to have been taking a really weird turn since her father murder. She can talk to demons who linger in-house or take over the bodies of the living. She is spending most of her time with a priest who is showing her how to control her so called gift but things are starting to take weird turns when more and more demons seem to be showing up. Bridget needs to find out what really going on and were her gift really comes from.

The book is full of action and lots of scares and excitement. I loved what Bridget could do it was different and made for a really wicked book that never had a boring moment. There was such life in the book so amazing moments that really did stick into your mind. After reading this book you start to wonder what’s that noise I hear did that shadow just move the book really does stick with you, in a dramatic way.

While this book was more of a young adult light horror and as a big fan of horror’s I really like the twists that locked you into this book. There was just so much jammed into the book with demon’s right’ around every corner and the phantom cat that walks the halls at the dead of night making noises, after this you’re going to have to sleep with the light on.

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  1. oooh want want want it soo bad!! thanks for the review!


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