Thursday, 8 September 2011

Kill all enemies by Melvin Burgess review -annmarie

Kill all enemies by Melvin Burgess

3 kids that are going through a hellish life from being unwanted, unloved and just plain abused a mind blowing mix of highs and lows.

This book gripped my heart from the very beginning I don’t normal get over emotional with the books I’m reading but as person that knows firsthand what an abused childhood life is like this book pulled at my heart. I felt for the kids in a way I have never felt for any characters in a book before.

These three kids all go though their own hell whether it is by the hands of other people’s neglect or simply struggling at school or at home. The book is mixed with so much emotion and anger, kids that are scared to speak up and let others in. Kid’s needing love and help but only getting dead ends and confusion. This story that really shows what some kids have to go though.

Billie, Rob and Chris are seen as trouble makers and out casts but really they are all just calling out for help.

The author has written something so real and heartfelt with so much emotion. The characters were so right they really spoke to the reader and each character called to you in a different way. It was all well written and you felt like the characters were in the room with you.   

I cried so hard while reading this book all I wanted was for Billie, Rob and Chris to find that light at the end of the tunnel.  There was more real life emotions in this book then I have ever read before, the book will get into your heart  you will cry you will laugh but most of all you will understand life is sometimes too hard for children.

I give this book a massive 5 stars a brilliant book that you have to read.
My last thought: sometimes the monsters can be the ones we trust. 

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