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Breed of innocence by Lanie Jordan review by Leah Dewet

Breed of innocence by Lanie Jordan 

WOW! What an incredible story. I couldn’t put it down the minute I started reading it. It had everything a great book needs: action, adventure, monsters, monster hunters and a tiny splash of romance that was just enough to get by. The one thing that was the best on top of everything was the fantastic characters. 

Jade, the main character, starts out as a demon hunter at a secret “demon hunting high school” and soon becomes known as the one to beat. Her character is kick ass with a good sense of humour. She meets a handsome boy, Linc, and they hit it off right away, figuratively and literally since they met when they had to fight each other as a demonstration. 

The reason Jade joined this place was to avenge the death of her family that had been murdered by a demon in her past. Still haunted by their deaths in her nightmares and struggling to stay alive while searching for their killer, Jade makes some great friends who are easily likable but she also gains enemies. 

Many readers would think that these demons are like all the others they have read about; evil beings that look human at times and eat people, but in this book they are different. All the monsters, whether they are vamps or some gruesome looking things, are called demons in general and it was nice to see the author’s imagination bloom through this tale as I met monsters I have never heard of. 

This story got more and more interesting as I kept reading and I didn’t want it to end. I kept wondering will Jade have a relationship with Linc or will they stay close friends? Will she find the demon that took away her family? Will she succeed even though the world seemed to be against her? 

I don’t regret losing hours of sleep because of this book and I recommend it to everyone and anyone who are huge fans of the supernatural. Those that are Vampire Academy fans would love this story and it is great to see something different for a change from the clichéd books about monsters out there. 

I give this 5/5 stars from my side. The author is very talented and doesn’t waste time with boring explanations or character descriptions. A must-have read that I loved! 

A review by Leah deWet

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  1. This looks like a dandy read. Thank you for sharing :)


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