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Knight's Curse & Darkest Knight by Karen Duvall ~review by alice

Knight's Curse (Knight's Curse #1)Knight's Curse by Karen Duvall
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

thanks to harlequin for giving me this book in exchange for an honest review

wow this book was wicked, it had me hooked from page one, even tho it was a bit slow to start with, i really enjoyed the character and world building.

chalice is a kick ass heroine character. loved watching her grow from the first chapter where shes a headstrong 13year old til the end when she is even more headstrong 25year old.

gavin the evil sorcerer is really evil, he is the kind of evil that makes you want to cower in the corner and pray to be rescued. thankfully chalice never does that, she gives as good as she gets with gavin.

Aydin is totally swoonworthy, he has his own powers and they really do come in handy in this book.

the ending of this book totally blew me away, wasnt expecting it at all, and im so glad i have book 2 to read straight away so i know what happens next.

Really enjoyed the writing style of this book, it was just perfect with descriptions of things, never going overboard.

if you like books with gargoyles, angels and other supernatural things then this book is definitly for you.
cant wait to see what the author writes next :)

View all my reviews Darkest Knight (Knight's Curse #2)Darkest Knight by Karen Duvall
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

thank you harlequin for sending me this book in exchange for an honest review


this book takes place one month after the ending of knight's curse. Aydin is a gargoyle, and now that Chalice is no longer bound to a gargoyle she has finally been able to meet her guardian angel Rafe. he is totally swoonworthy, wouldnt mind him being my guardian angel ;)
this book is all about chalice finding her fellow sisters and helping them to protect themselves from an unseen force that is killing them. when things get out of control chalice with the help of aydin and her father go in search of the killer.
this book was even better than the first one. it had so many twists and turns that i simply couldnt put it down.
even tho this book ended fine and it could be the end of the series, i really hope its not, i want to read more about the characters, its the kind of series you dont want to end, and when it does you want to cry.

highly recomend this series to everyone that loves paranormal :)

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