Sunday, 24 February 2013

Slated by Teri Terry. ~review by alice

Slated (Slated, #1)Slated by Teri Terry
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

when i first started this book, i nearly put it down a couple of times, i felt it was very slow to start with and i was confused as to what was going on, i felt like I had been slated. once the book got going after 100+ pages i finally started to enjoy it. i did enjoy the writing style, it was very fresh to read.
the main character kayla i really enjoyed reading about her and her dreams (visions)
ben one of the other main characters was really intriguing to read, kayla felt like she knew him, but that was impossible, right? the ending with ben damn near tore my heart out, i hope the 2nd book brings more answers.
after getting into this book i ended up throughly enjoying it and had trouble putting it down, and im now anxiously awaiting for the 2nd book in the series to be released so i can read it.

this book is for anyone who loves dystopian type books.
cant wait to see what happens next and also what this author writes in the future

thanks to the reading room for providing me with a copy in exchange for review

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