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Unleashed (Wolf Springs Chronicles #1) by Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguié Review

Unleashed (Wolf Springs Chronicles, #1)Unleashed by Nancy Holder

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Katelyn McBride’s life changed the day her mother died. Forced to move away from her home Kat goes to live with her only other relative her granddad. Once she gets there, she finds that Wolf springs is not only cut off from the outside world but the people that live; there are guarded, they don’t trust outsiders. Kat learns that strange things are going in Wolf springs what creature is hunting young girls in the woods and why is everyone acting so weird.

Katelyn or rather Kat I found to be a really interesting character. I loved seeing the change in her as she spent more time with her granddad and the fact that the town seemed to bring out a different side in her. When you first read about her, I thought she was going to be a bit snotty but that was not the case the shock and upset of losing her mum and then having to move to the middle of nowhere meant she had to change and adjust to her new life. While she still at times tried to hold onto to that past life, she soon understood that LA was behind her. I loved getting to know Kat and understanding what went on in her head.

The storyline in this book was simply brilliant it starts off with lots of emotional. This poor girl has lost both her parents and has now been dragged to the back end of nowhere with her granddad that did not even turn up to her mother’s funeral. Not only is Kat really mad at her granddad for not being there for her, she is also anger that his making her stay in a place stuck in the middle of the woods. Kat has to start at a new school and find new friends which is not always easy but thankfully Kat finds two people she can talk to, but she feels that her friend is hiding things and then there are the weird sounds in the woods and sometimes at times Kat feels like something is watching her. It really is a lot for one already emotion character but Kat steps up you see a lot of change in her.

I felt that the book built up well with enough action and drama to keep your attention. There was brilliant family drama between Kat and her granddad but there is also weirdness with Kat’s friend family. There is also this great mystery hanging over the town that Kat is slowly picking up on. I was really glad the book was so long and unrushed because it gave you time to get to know the character and the town and learn to love them and feel a closeness to the people you are reading about. I felt the authors wrote a brilliant book with lots of romance, pain and danger all mixed up into one fabulous book. It gripped you and by the end, I was breathless for more.

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  1. Have mine preordered! Cannot wait! I'm a huge fan of the Wicked series and it seems like I've been waiting for Unleashed forever!


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