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Incarnate by Jodi Meadows review

Incarnate (Newsoul, #1)Incarnate by Jodi Meadows

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In a world where each soul has lived a thousand lives, each soul knows each other. Everyone has many talents and life is like a never-ending circle once one body dies the soul is reborn into the next. The people fight dragons and protected them self from the shadow sylph.

Ana is the only new soul her body was meant for another soul but Ana's soul new and fresh was born. People hate her from being new going against what they believe in. Ana has sent the last 18 years with a mother who does not love her and in truth she makes Ana's life hell, and her dad went and left them when she was a baby. Now an adult Ana plains to leave and head for heart, she hopes to find answers to why she is different. Why was she born what happened to the other soul she has so many questions that need answers but things go horrible wrong? Sylph's come for her the day she leaves and ends up nearly drowning when Sam saves her, and together they make it safely to heart but the place is not welcoming people fear and hate Ana before she can find the truth someone tries to kill her and Ana and Sam are left in danger.

Ana is the main character the book follows in a world where everyone knows each other Ana really is the outcast the new un-useful soul. Now I really loved getting to know Ana she started off as a very guarded and untrusting character fearing that everyone hated her like her mother did. I felt that watching and learning how abusive her birth mother is to Ana helps you understand why Ana was the way she was. In a world where no one helped or saved Ana from this woman who got pleasure out of Ana’s loneliness and upset. Over the course of the book, you watch Ana grow into a more powerful character, and you saw a whole new side of her that made her more loveable to the reader. Now Sam is another character you follow in the book and from the very first time I meet him. I could not help but love him. He showed Ana that people do care, and he was so kind and something I felt even though he lived some many times he was just as lost as any new soul.

The world the book was based in was like nothing I had read before the concept was brilliant with all the old souls and then introducing a fresh new soul really did suck the reading in. Then, there was the bonus of these wonderful creatures like dragons and sylphs that added this dark dangerous feel to the outside of heart. There was conflicted between some characters and the council of heart seemed to care more about keeping secrets than the well-being of their people the whole story was fantastic. . It was a beautiful world that the author thought up, but she added lots of danger and darkness that readers will love!

A magnificent start to a new series.

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