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Annmarie favorite Quotes

After reading so many books you sometimes notice that some quotes stay with you. This is my list of Quotes that are unforgettable. 

Darkest power series by Kelley Armstrong
This series had some of my favorite and funniest Quotes ever. 

"Derek caught my arm again as I started to move--at this rate, it was going to be as sore as my injured one.
"Dog," he said, jerking his chin toward the fenced yard. "It was inside earlier."
Expecting to see a Doberman slavering at the fence, I followed his gaze to a little puff of white fur, the kind of dog women stick in their purses. It wasn't even barking, just staring at us, dancing in place.
"Oh, my God! It's a killer Pomeranian." I glanced up at Derek. "It's a tough call, but I think you can take him."
— Kelley Armstrong (The Awakening)

"He pivoted, gaze following me as I crossed to the shower and turned on the cold water, so it would drown out our conversation without steaming up the room.
Great," he muttered."Now they're going to think we're showering together. Maybe we can just tell them we were washing off the crawl space dirt and trying to conserve water."
— Kelley Armstrong (The Summoning)

"He had a newspaper rolled in his hand, bearing down on me like a puppy that had piddled on the carpet.
"Bad Chloe,” I muttered.
I’d forgotten his bionic hearing. “Bad Chloe.” I gestured at the rolled-up paper and put
out my hand. “Get it over with."
— Kelley Armstrong (The Awakening)

"So," Simon said. "Looks like you and Derek are getting along again. What happened? Did he give you the look?"
"You know. The one that makes him look like a whipped puppy, and makes you feel like a jerk for doing the whipping."
"Ah, that one. So it works on you, too?"
He snorted. "It even works on Dad. We give in, we tell him it's okay, and the next thing you know, he's chewing up slippers again."
I laughed."
— Kelley Armstrong (The Reckoning)

Ashfall by Mike Mullin
i have only just read this book (review will come later) but some of the Quotes in this book were wicked.

"I felt bad about dirtying their comforter with my nasty clothes, but who knew what might happen later. If something else bizarre went down and I had to run, I sure didn’t want to do it butt naked."
— Mike Mullin (Ashfall)

"But unlike thunder, this didn’t stop. It went on and on, machine-gun style, as if Zeus had loaded his bolts into an M60 with an inexhaustible ammo crate."
— Mike Mullin (Ashfall)

"That whiff of smoke was enough to transform my sithere-trembling terror into get-the-hell-out-of-here terror."
— Mike Mullin (Ashfall)

"I used to think that teachers who gave homework on weekends should be forced to grade papers for an eternity in hell."
— Mike Mullin (Ashfall)

The mortal instruments series by Cassandra Clare 
The characters in this series mad me laugh all the time Jace said the funniest things

"Have you fallen in love with the wrong person yet?'
Jace said, "Unfortunately, Lady of the Haven, my one true love remains myself."
..."At least," she said, "you don't have to worry about rejection, Jace Wayland."
"Not necessarily. I turn myself down occasionally, just to keep it interesting."
— Cassandra Clare (City of Bones)

"Is this the part where you start tearing off strips of your shirt to bind my wounds?"
"If you wanted me to rip my clothes off, you should have just asked."
— Cassandra Clare (City of Bones)

"Don't touch any of my weapons without my permission."
"Well, there goes my plan for selling them all on eBay," Clary muttered.
"Selling them on what?"
Clary smiled blandly at him. "A mythical place of great magical power."
— Cassandra Clare (City of Bones)

"Do you remember back at the hotel when you promised that if we lived, you’d get dressed up in a nurse’s outfit and give me a sponge bath?" asked Jace.
"It was Simon who promised you the sponge bath."
"As soon as I’m back on my feet, handsome," said Simon.
"I knew we should have left you a rat."
— Cassandra Clare (City of Bones)

"Well, I’m not kissing the mundane," said Jace. "I’d rather stay down here and rot."
"Forever?" said Simon. "Forever’s an awfully long time."
Jace raised his eyebrows. "I knew it," he said. "You want to kiss me, don’t you?"
— Cassandra Clare (City of Ashes)

"Is this the part where you say if I hurt her, you'll kill me?"
"No" Simon said, "If you hurt Clary she's quite capable of killing you herself. Possibly with a variety of weapons."
— Cassandra Clare (City of Glass)

"Can I help you with something?"
Clary turned instant traitor against her gender. "Those girls on the other side of the car are staring at you."
Jace assumed an air of mellow gratification. "Of course they are," he said, "I am stunningly attractive."
— Cassandra Clare (City of Bones)

The morganville vampire series by Rachel Caine 
This is one of my favorite series ever. There is so much to like about it and im always waiting for the next book to come out.

"Damn, Claire. Warn a guy before you do a face-plant on the floor next time. I could have looked all heroic and caught you or something -Shane"
— Rachel Caine (Glass Houses)

"Scoot over, man. I don't like you that much."
Dick. That's not what you said last night."
Bite me."
— Rachel Caine (Glass Houses)

"But that quickly faded, and he frowned. "You're bleeding," he said. "What happened?"
Claire sighed and held up her wrist to show him the bandage. "Man, you would be so embarrassed if I said it was something else." Michael looked blank. "I'm a girl, Michael, it could have been all natural, you know. Tampons?"
— Rachel Caine (Midnight Alley)

"Claire stretched out against the wall and kissed it. "Glad to see you, too," she whispered, and pressed her cheek against the smooth surface. It almost felt like it hugged her back.
"Dude, it's a house," Shane said from behind her. "Hug somebody who cares."
— Rachel Caine (Lord of Misrule)

"Better be," Eve said. She mock-bit at his finger. "I could totally date somebody else, you know."
"And I could rent out your room."
"And I could put your game console on eBay."
"Hey," Shane protested. "Now you're just being mean."
— Rachel Caine (Lord of Misrule)

"You're still here. No beer. I'm not corrupting a minor."
But YOU'RE a minor," she pointed out. "At least for beer."
Yeah, and by the way, how much does it suck that I'm an adult if I kill somebody, and I'm not if I want a beer?"
— Rachel Caine (Glass Houses)

"Eve: She told me last!
Shane: Boyfriend!
Michael: Landlord!
Eve: Crap. Right. Next time you sell your soul to the devil, I get first contact!"
— Rachel Caine (Midnight Alley)

"No, not you two. Stay here."
"Does he just not get how unfair and sexist that is?" Eve asked. "Men."
"You really want to go first?"
"Of course no. But I'd like the chance to refuse to go first."
— Rachel Caine (Lord of Misrule)

"What about Myrnin?"
Eve swallowed, almost choked, and Michael patted her kindly on the back. She beamed at him. "Myrnin? Oh yeah. He did a Batman and took off into the night. What is with that guy, Claire? If he was a superhero, he'd be Bipolar Man."
— Rachel Caine

"Bishop was all done with the witty converstaion. "Will you swear?"
And Myrnin said, shockingly, "I will." And he proceeded to, a string of swearwords that made Claire blink. He ended with, "--frothy fool-born apple-john! Cheater of vandals and defiler of dead dogs!" and did another twirl and bow. He looked up with a red, red grin that was more like a leer. "Is that what you meant, my lord?"
— Rachel Caine (Feast of Fools)

"I'll do it!"
"No, you won't," Shane and Michael said, at virtually the same time. Shane continued. "You're barely on your feet, Claire. You don't go anywhere, not without me."
"And me," Michael said.
"Hell," Eve sighed. "I guess that means I have to go, too. Which I may not ever forgive you for, even if I don't die horribly."
— Rachel Caine (Lord of Misrule)

chronicles of nick by Sherrilyn kenyon 
this series is simple the best some of the funnies Quotes ever i just love Nick.

"Well, someone slap my butt and give me a hero cookie. (Nick)"
— Sherrilyn Kenyon (Infinity)

"How can this be your car? (Nick)
Well, I wrote a really big check that didn’t bounce to the dealer and then the most amazing thing happened…the salesman gave me the keys and let me take it home. It was like magic. (Acheron)"
— Sherrilyn Kenyon (Infinity)

"Is he a good boy? (Cherise)
No, Mom, he’s Satan incarnate. In fact, once it’s over, we’re going to get liquored up and tattooed, then find some cheap hos and have a good time with his trust fund. (Nick)"
— Sherrilyn Kenyon (Infinity)

"Not half as much as I’d miss me if you killed me. (He blinked like a girl and leaned against Ash’s shoulder.) Please don’t hurt me, Ash. Please. I don’t want to die while I’m still a virgin. At least let me get laid before you kill me – which according to my mom I can’t do until I’m married and I can’t do that until I finish college. So you have to wait a good ten years before you snuff me. Deal? (Nick)"
— Sherrilyn Kenyon (Infinity)

"Without a word or hesitation, Pain took the mop from Nick. Suffering moved to pick up glass.
"Wow. Where have you two been all my life?"
Pain quirked and eyebrow as he mopped the floor.
"Walking hand in hand with you. Haven't you noticed?"
— Sherrilyn Kenyon (Invincible)

"Grim sighed heavily. "I swear I'm getting a migraine."
"My mom suffers from those a lot, too."
"Being around you, I imagine she does."
— Sherrilyn Kenyon (Invincible)

"They say when you're about to die, you see your entire life flash before your eyes.
They lied.
The only thing Nick Gautier could see flashing was Kyrian Hunter's vampire fangs."
— Sherrilyn Kenyon (Invincible)

Well that's some of my all time favorite Quotes .
feel free to add some of you favorite Quotes. 

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