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Alice:  Celeste, thanks for agreeing to this interview.
Celeste (Dressed in pink and black striped tights under her black shorts, white top and black combat boots, she shrugs, her hands deep in her front pockets):
That’s okay. I was on my way to see Gavyn anyway, so….
Alice:  How is he doing?
Celeste shakes her head, takes a seat across from Alice and slouches in her seat, her jet black hair flowing over the arm of her chair.   
Alice (grimacing):  Oh, I’m sorry I brought him up.
Celeste (sighs): You don’t have to apologize. I just don’t feel like discussing what he’s doing right now. He’s so stubborn, so…argh!
Alice:  You really love him, don’t you?
Celeste (rolls her eyes): Of course. My brothers are all I have. Gavyn may have his issues, but he wasn’t always this…difficult, and Bran wasn’t always anal about doing the right thing. Growing up, they were just my annoying older brothers, goofing around, competing with each other.

Alice (leans forward): Even on Coronis Island?  I heard their life was difficult.
Celeste (shrugs): But we had our moments…the four of us.

Alice (frowns): The four of you?
Celeste (nods): Gavyn, Bran, me and our father.

Alice: Oh.

Celeste (smiles): It’s okay. I miss Dad, but I’m lucky to have my brothers. They may not see things the same way or approve of the choices I’ve made, but they love me.

Alice: I like your attitude. So what is it like having a brother like Bran?
Celeste (rolls her eyes): A nightmare. He’s pushy, thinks he knows everything, and… No, he pissed me off before I came here, so I’m being unfair. Bran is great, a bit overprotective, which comes handy when I have a lame date, but sucks when he dislikes my friends. You have no idea how impossible he can be. Can you believe he slammed the door on my friend’s face a few hours ago? All because the guy didn’t know him and asked who he was (rolls her eyes again).
Alice: A Guardian boyfriend?
Celeste (giggles): Human. I like human guys better. Bran thinks I mess with their heads.
Alice: Do you?
Celeste (stares at Alice with innocent eyes, but her mouth twitches): No.

Alice (leans forward): You can tell me. I won’t tell. You mess with their heads a little.

Celeste (giggles): No, I don’t. Guys are just so easy.

Alice (laughs): So true. Back to Bran. Does he have a temper?

Celeste: Oh yeah. Then his eyes glows and he throws things around. Lil is the only one who can calm him down. All she has to do is touch him. It’s very interesting and weird how they connect.

Alice: How do you react when he loses his temper?
Celeste (wrinkles her nose): I leave the room. I can’t deal with him or Gavyn when they’re going at it. I hate fights.
Alice (nods):  Me too. What do you think of Lil?
Celeste (smiles):  She’s amazing and so powerful it’s scary but you wouldn’t know it looking at her. She’s so cool, except when she’s pissed. Then I’ve got to go. Even Bran can’t calm her down. He said he used to but not lately. Weird.

Alice:  What do you think of their relationship?
Celeste (sighs): It’s amazingly normal. I mean they love each other and would do anything for each other, but they fight too. I’m talking about a full blown fight with yelling and doors slamming. Then the next second, they’re making up. Bran hates it when she’s mad at him, but it’s usually his fault. He is very intense about everything while Lil is laid back. It takes him forever to warm up to people while Lil makes friends fast. They’re perfect for each other, or like she likes to say, the yin and the yang.
Alice (consulting her notes):  Are you and Lil close?
Celeste (wrinkles her nose):  Yeah. She’s, like, my sister.

Alice:  Can you give us any secrets about Bran that we don’t know about?
Celeste (scrunches her face):  Hmmm, he keeps a journal and is very secretive about where he hides it, but I’ve peeked at it a few times. (rolls her eyes) He writes about everything—Lil, Gavyn back to Lil, being a Cardinal…back Lil. He’s lucky she loves him back or I’d really feel sorry for him. He’s, like, so crazy about her.

Alice:  Do you like any of the guys? Sykes?
Celeste (giggles):  He’s hot, isn’t he? I’d never date him though. One, Bran would kill me then him, or the other way round. Second, Sykes is never serious about anything. And third, he has a crush on Lil the size of the Grand Canyon, which pisses off my brother. I had a crush on Remy for a while but he hardly noticed. I’ve decided to stick to human guys. The way their minds work is fascinating.
Alice: Don’t you mean the way you make them do your bidding?
Celeste (grins): I told you, I don’t.

Alice:  Yeah, right. What do you do in your spare time?
Celeste:  Hang out with friends, play video games and watch movies.
Alice: Shopping?
Celeste (makes a face): I hate shopping.
Alice (eyes wide): No way.
Celeste: Yes way. I buy whatever catches my eye and mix and match. Some people have issues with that, but I don’t care. This is me (indicates her striped tights, shorts and boots).

Alice:  I like that. You’re your own person and don’t conform. What’s it like having your powers?
Celeste:  Cool. Before I hated it because it was so unpredictable, and half the time, inaccurate. Now that I’m training, I love it.

Alice: Do you have any favourite memories you would like to share?

Celeste:  My first birthday party. Our mother didn’t believe in celebrating birthdays. Lil and Bran threw one for me when I turned sixteen, right after I was rescued from Coronis Isle. It was my first birthday party ever and the first time I met the other teen Guardians (she makes a face).

Alice:  I heard about you and Kim.

Celeste (shakes her head): I swore not to bad mouth anyone, so… (Pretends to zip her lips)

Alice (smiles): Can you tell us what’s next for the guardians?
Celeste (shakes her head):  I’m not really a member of the Teen Cardinals Team, but I know they’re busy canceling the contracts Bran signed when he worked for Coronis. Even our narrator, Ednah, doesn’t know how that is going. They keep telling her stuff in bits and pieces, so if you read her next book, you’ll know whether they finish saving those poor souls. (stands up) I really need to go now. Gavyn is expecting me and if I’m late he’ll start to worry. It’s been nice talking to you.
Alice: No, the pleasure was mine. Thanks you.

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  1. awesome interview i thought it was cute! and i love Ednah and her books

  2. Loved the interview! :) Ednah creates such awesome characters! I really can't wait to read Betrayed!


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