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Flu by Wayne Simmons-Guest review-‎Pam Perkins Mandigo

Pam Perkins Mandigo

Flu by Wayne Simmons
282 pages
Back flap of book.
A Deadly strain of flu has mutated
two cops fight their way through an angry and frightened crowd to gain entry to an apartment block in Belfast. They have received reports of a fresh outbreak of the virus and are met with the bloodshot eyes of a six-year-old Lithuanian girl. She is in the final stages of infection and must be quarantined.
Out on the streets, Geri finds herself looking down the buisiness end of a ski-masked man's revolver. Nearby, hell-bent on self-preservation, the shorn-headed punk Lark peeks out the window of his terraced-house hideout. In neighbouring Finaghy, churchgoer Karen looks to the stoic and level-headed Pat for a paternal figure, seemingly oblivious to his chequered past as an IRA gunrunner. Meanwhile, what remains of the armed forces congregate in a run-down base twenty miles south of Belfast.
As the flu continues to mutate, another phenomenon rocks the very foundation of Belfast.... Infected bodies suddenly begin to rise. Scorned byan angry red sun, the callused brick and mortar of a devasted city plays host to a bitter and bloody struggle between the living and the dead.
Finding its humanity is Belfast's only hope.

My thoughts on Flu
Flu is an ok book. I didn't love it but I didn't hate it. The cover will suck you right in if you love Zombie books. For me the book just didn't live up to what I had hoped it would be. It tries to follow to many characters for a short book. Geri one of the women left alive is the best character out of them all. Flu doesn't really have a lot to do with Zombies. They are kind of like background noise. It is more about the characters past lives before the flu and their hunt for food. It starts out about how the Flu started then jumps to months later. I feel if the author had mentioned more about what happened when the flu started and more about the zombies the book would have been better. The ending still leaves you wondering what happens to the zombie filled world. If you’re looking for a book on zombies this isn’t really it. This is more about survival than that.

3 out of 5 stars for Flu

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