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guest post - Aaron Tate-young adult author

Tagline:  Three teens race to unlock clues, ciphers and riddles before a greedy corporation beats them to a clean, renewable energy source that will change the world.

Overview:  The SoNaR Adventure series is the only juvenile code-based series to focus on science and modern issues rather than history.  With its focus on today’s issues and puzzles based on the major scientific concepts, Cold Secrets and the SoNaR Adventure series holds worldwide appeal for YA and adult readers.  The SoNaR Adventure books proves that being smart is cool.

The Author:  About two years ago, Aaron C. Tate was watching his 7th grade students working together in cooperative groups. He knows firsthand how much young people can get done when they work together, and the idea for team SoNaR started to ferment. Aaron added his own breadth of scientific knowledge, his fascination with treasure-hunt stories, and just the right amount of danger to create Cold Secrets.
Aaron has been a middle-school educator for nearly ten years. His experience includes high school-level instruction, sponsorship of chess and science clubs and science fairs, and the development of a S.T.E.M. elective course. As a member of the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) and Kappa Delta Pi, the International Honor Society in Education, Aaron is well respected by his peers. His respect extends to his students, who selected him for a Teacher Appreciation award in 2009.
 As a life-long educator, Aaron can’t conceive of a time when he might give up teaching. Although his novels integrate high-stakes plots with exciting challenges, they also teach readers new and unusual facts about different science concepts. Cosmology, biology, the environment and energy blend into clean, educational, family style stories. Aaron hopes to create a series that will be as popular with after-school groups as it will be in the commercial market.
 He is also considering writing a nonfiction book about cross-curricular lessons any teacher can implement. This project may be written with teachers from different departments at his current school. For now, Aaron is developing the second novel in the SoNaR Adventure series and is building the SoNaR website.

Audience:  Cold Secrets will appeal to Gen Y or Millennials, the largest demographic group in America second only to boomers. Teens and preteens are buying books in numbers unseen before, making it a strong target audience for publishers.
Adults will form a second large audience for the SoNaR Adventure series. Parents of teens and preteens often read what their kids do; twenty- and thirtysomethings who are shopping more often in the YA section add to this group’s numbers.

Synoposis: Team SoNaR Has Been Invited On The Quest Of A Lifetime!

Maddy Rutherford and her two best friends (Corbyn and Aaden Franklin) have been invited on a scientific quest whose origins date back 50 years! Together, this team of 3 brave teens (affectionately known as “team SoNaR”) accepts the challenges placed before them without knowing the dangers that lie ahead in doing so.

Before they know it, all three members of team SoNaR are thrust into an adventure beyond their wildest imaginations! With the aid of valuable allies, and while avoiding those that will attempt to stand in their way, Maddy, Corbyn, and Aaden must work together to solve puzzles and decipher clues, all in an attempt to inherit a secret that will change the world forever.
With their friendship, and lives, on the line, can the members of team SoNaR solve the challenges of the inheritance quest so that they might become heir to the most important secret known to modern man?

Thank you,

Aaron C. Tate, M.A.


comment: thank you Aaron for the info on the book. once we have more update ill post them so bloggers keep a look out.

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