Monday, 18 July 2011

kindle review.

As most of you know last weekend i got a kindle in the post. As a big reader and paper back fan i was a bit worried about getting a kindle. Reasons being i did not want my kindle to replace the thousands of books i already had so i thought i would give you a post letting you know how i have been getting on.

After charging and getting some eBooks for my device i put my paper back away (gold compass) and read my first eBook on my kindle. Which was virtue by Amanda hocking. I found that i could read a lot faster and that my eyes did not sting after hours of reading of my device. While i love my kindle it will never replace the feel and my love for a real book. I guess that sounds funny and weird but nothing can replace the smell of books or seeing you collection build. 
While a kindle saves space and is handy to take out not only that there is a lot of good books that are only available on kindle so it was well worth the money.  

i give the kindle 5 stars. 


  1. I've never though for reviewing my kindle device. Maybe i will. Lol. Glad you are enjoying it though. I love my kindle and your right it still won't replace hardcopies of books.

  2. lol i thought i would review so others could see how i felt about it. really glad i got it.


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