Saturday, 30 July 2011

Entangled by Cat Clarke-guest review-Stephanie Ager

by Cat Clarke
Entangled is a story about 17 year old Grace, on the day that she is planning on committing suicide she meets a strange boy at the park. She then wakes up in a white room, with pen and paper writing down all the past events that she tries to forget.
At first impressions Grace is a girl that has a few problems and issues with her life. I must admit that I didn’t really take to Grace but then I got to know her and she grew on me. This girl doesn’t have it easy at all, and the minute she feels like things are falling into place the rug is quickly pulled out from under her feet. She craves the attention that a 17 year old deserves and requires; family, love and stability but she doesn’t have these things and Grace is crying out. Grace really grew on me, at first she was a bit annoying but the reader soon realize why. Grace pours out her feelings, and the ending, just blew me away. We’re left on a cliff-hanger but one that satisfies the reader. We really see Grace grow and tell us what her life was like.
A good change in pace and writing style. A good read dealing with today’s economy and teenagers problems.

4/5 stars

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