Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Abandon by Meg cobot review annmarie

Abandon by Meg cabot
Pierce drowned in her family pool but when most people stay dead and go to their final resting place pierce did not. She meets John and tall, dark and dangerous it’s his job to help the dead to their final resting place. While most girls might have jumped at the chance to be with him forever Pierce just wanted to live so she ran...

Now a year on Pierce life has changed so much after her brush with death and while she tries to pretend she is ok and happy her mind is never far from john and he always seems close by.  Sometimes love comes with a price and sometimes love is dangerous.

This book had me from the first page between Pierce and John you can’t help but love the book. The plot was well constructed and played out well. While the book was a dark love story there was much more then that going on in the book. 

While there were a lot of emotions going on between Pierce and John through the book and you got a lot of enjoyable play backs on events passed in Pierces life. You start to try and work out what’s going to happen next but you’re always left happy and surprised by what the author writes next.

Lots of weird things seem to happen in the main characters life and that leave you excited about what’s going to happen at the end.  

To sum this book up I would say it’s dark and sexy and leaves you breathless for more. 
If death meant walking into John’s arms i don’t think i could say no.

5 stars 


  1. Oh now I want this even more! I nearly bought it yesterday buf it was £10 for the paperback!

  2. wow 10 pound i could have got the book for you for 4 pound from my WHsmith lol defo get the book when you can. i really feel for john.

  3. Wow looks good can not wait to read!!;)))


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