Thursday, 4 August 2011

The Sleepwalkers By J. Gabriel Gates review -annmarie

The Sleepwalkers
Caleb life comes crashing around him when he gets a letter from his old best friend Christine begging for help. Caleb and his mate bean travel to the town Caleb once lived in only to find it’s taken a turn for the worse. Christine is locked up in the old mental institute. His dad has gone missing leaving his family home untouched. The children in the town are disappearing but no one will take about what going on. Will Caleb and bean find out what’s going on our will they vanish like everyone else.

I started to really enjoy this book from the first chapter Caleb is a interesting character with a past that haunts him. Bean says some of the funniest stuff but you can see that there is another side to him with both Caleb and bean together it makes a great team for this story.
I found this book to unfold like a big puzzle with each chapter you get a new piece of the puzzle. It’s exciting and at times scary there was some really weird and chilling stuff going on in this town and I found myself glued to the book needing to know what secrets were held within the pages.
All together this book was well written and the story itself was one of a kind different exciting and scary.  I would recommend this book to others and would happily reread this book.
A book that leaves a ticking in your ears and a chill down your spin.
My favourite quote ''Dude, she’s like the queen from Alice in Wonderland. Every time she comes around, my balls shrink up like they’re trying to hide’’

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