Monday, 1 August 2011

Quest for the scorpion’s jewel by Amy Green

Quest for the scorpion’s jewel by Amy Green

Jesse has had a hard life living with his aunt and uncle. His life is spent doing whatever his uncle asks but that changes one night when a group of young warriors turn up at the door looking for a place to stay. Jesse is soon thrown into the adventure of his life after the poisoned leader asks him to join the youth guard.  On a mission for the king they soon find that danger hides around 
every corner. Will Jesse and his new friends complete their mission or die trying.

The story of Jesse and the youth guard was exciting and interesting I felt like the words were jumping off the page at me. There was so much to love about this book from the crippled main character that was determined to prove himself, to the calm and collected silas. There was always something going on in the book and I found it so easy to be sucked into this simply amazing world.   

This book went straight into the story I found it an easy and exciting read. The characters were all different and very likeable. The story setting was imaginative and creative and I loved following the characters through this wonderful world.

I would say that both younger and older readers would enjoy this book and I would happily recommend this book to others.
5/5 stars 

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