Sunday, 14 August 2011

Den of thieves by David chandler review- annmarie

Den of thieves by David chandler
 Malden is a thief in the free city of ness. Malden is soon pulled into a plot to steal the cornet of burgrave all because Malden hope to get real freedom that cutbill, lord of the underworld promised him.  Malden well soon face more than he bargained for.

I really liked the plot it was simple but exciting. The characters were well thought out and interesting and I really like how the story came together. There was a couple times that I felt my mind wonder away from the book but the author soon pulled you back with some fun action.

I felt that the last 200 pages where the best. A lot more was going on and the characters really come together. I’m a really big fantasy fan but normally there is a lot more dragon, elves and dwarfs in them this book took a different path and you heard little about fantasy creatures but I still found I was really into the book.  It was not a fast read but it was well worth the time reading it.

I would give the book 4 stars and say that you really need to take the time reading this there is a lot to like about the book if you give it a chance. 

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