Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Ashes (Ashes Trilogy #1) by Ilsa J. Bick review -annmarie

Ashes by ilsa J. bick
Alex has lost her parents and has a tumor in her head. She feels like life was not worth living what’s the point. Then while out hiking an electromagnetic pulse sweeps across the sky and the whole world is turned on its head. Alex finds that most the human still alive have changed into something crazy they will kill anything that moves. Alex need to find out what’s happening with no electronics and nearly everyone dead what well Alex have to do to stay alive and find out what’s going on?   

I have been finding it hard to write up a review on this book is was so...amazing just my sort of book there was so much going on and the book never got slow it was always on the fast track. Alex was an interesting and strong character that not only looked after herself but also looked after a very stubborn child. You follow Alex journey not only does she want to know what’s going on but she also wants to find out what’s happening to herself. The world has changed so much that she fears what might happen now and in the future. Each day is a struggle that they have to pull through and I loved every word of the book.

I really loved the horror element most of all in the book but I also love the fight to survive and the secrets and lies. It’s a journey that will leave you hungry for more.
I would happily recommend this book to others it’s a most read book.

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