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Haunting violet by Alyxandra Hervey review -annmarie

Haunting violet by Alyxandra Hervey 
Violet spends her time being dragged around by her mum who pretends to be a medium. Violet hates lying to this people that just miss their dead loved ones but what choice does she have. Violet has never believed in ghosts or sprits but when she starts seeing this one dead girl violets starts to worry. She does not want her mum finding out the truth and she needs to find out what happened to this dead girl before the murder kills her.  

I was sucked into this book from the start while violets mum is liar and makes violets life hell at times she also brings a lot of laughs to the book and a great feel to it. While violet is great character I had to get to grips with how girls would be at the time of this book they did not speak up and I’m so used to my characters being so hard that I was different to see a lead character that hard to do all her talking and planning behind everyone backs. In this world girls are meant to be pretty and not speak out of line and violet found this hard to stick to at times which always made me laugh.
It was also really great to see that violet had what her mum wanted to see ghost and to be someone. While all violet wanted was to live her life like a normal person it was amazing read.
While there was a lot to get used to and love the supernatural parts in this book were brilliant they were described in such a way I felt like I was seeing it all through violets eyes wonderful.

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