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The Girl of Fire and Thorns by Rae Carson review-annmarie

The Girl of fire and Thorns by Rae Carson

Elisa is the bearer of the godstone picked by god at her naming.
Yet Elisa feels anything but special she feels fat and useless compared to her perfect older sister.

When Elisa is married on her sixteenth birthday to the king of another kingdom to a man she has never meet before Elisa wonders why he is marrying her because it can’t be because he loves her.

Elisa is soon thrown into something that will shock her to the bone, the king’s kingdom is on the border line of war and the marriage was a way of making shore Elisa father would alliance himself to the king’s kingdom.

Before Elisa can make séance of everything she is kidnapped, she will have to face her unknown enemies and start to work out what role she plays as the bearer.

Will Elis unlock the strength inside her and rise above it before the enemy rips the stone from her.

The story of Elisa is not always a happy one but it’s a story of one girl journey to find the faith that she needs as the bearer of the godstone.

As a character Elisa is different for the normal sort you read about normally the main characters are perfected and loveable, Elisa is different yes she is special but she is not drop dead beautiful but that does not matter the author makes it clear that you DONT! Have to be beautiful to do great things. Elisa is smart and does not think she is better than anyone else you love Elis because she tells us girls that no matter what you look like just have the faith and be who you are, be strong.

There were a lot of other amazing characters in the book that you will love but I had a MASSIVE! Crush on lord Hector from the moment he stepped into the book I was in love. While at times he can be hard you felt like he would also look after you and love you no matter what.

The story was so will written it eased you right into this amazing fantasy world with perfection. I found that within just ten pages I was completely in love with the book. There was so much to like everything was explained and beautiful detailed in such a way that you felt like you were in the book to.

The book to me really was watching Elisa grow from a shy uneasy girl to a warrior like character that would give her life for others.

While I have read many Fantasy books from the lighter side to the epic Fantasy I have to say out of them all this is the best Fantasy book I have ever read. It lingers in your mind even after the book ends I’m tingling to read more from this one of a kind author.

I give this book 5 stars go out buy the book and prepare to be stunned and amazed


  1. I'm with you 100% on this review. I want to see something develop between Elise and Hector in the next book. I think they will be forced together to care for the little boy and the chemistry will ignite...I hope! Can NOT wait for the next book!

  2. I'm hoping that's what will happen to. I really cant wait to the next book :D


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