Thursday, 15 March 2012

Beth Revis guest post

Best Book would like to thank Beth Revis for this wonderful guest post. 

Goals for the Future
 One thing that seems to surprise people is just how long it takes to get published. I’ve been billed as an overnight success, but the thing is, people usually just see the books suddenly showing up in bookstores. They don’t see the ten years I wrote or the ten books I wrote (none of which were published, despite my best efforts) before that.

  I say this not to complain or bring in a rainy-day cloud, but to say that having my books published is the culmination of more than a decade of hard work and a lifelong dream. When I think about any goals I have for the future, the answer is simple: I would like to still be writing books that people are reading.
 The most important thing to an author is having her works read by others. The very best thing that’s happened to me since publication isn’t quitting my day job or going to signings or anything like that—the very best thing is meeting or hearing from people who have read my books.
 So the simple answer of my goal for the future? Just keep having my words read. That’s all any author really wants.

 Some more specific goals I have are to finish the Across the Universe trilogy (I’m working on Shades of Earth right now, and the end is in sight!), and then work on a new project (it’s a fantasy, and I’m itching to write it), and after that…I don’t know! One of the joys of writing is not knowing quite what story will come next!


  1. Thanks for the great guest post! :-) I've enjoyed your Across the Universe books so much! And, as an author, I agree with you in that all authors long to have their stories read! :-)

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  3. Awesome Giveaway!!
    Congrats on your milestone & all your 'likes'!!

    If I win(small chance with all your other amazing followers applying lol) I would choose:

    1st - Prize Pack 3
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    Thank you for the chance to win one of these books(books are literally my best friends :P lol) & once again, CONGRATS!!

    <3.....not too sure if my other post showed? lol so I did it again...sry :S lol


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