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A Million Suns by Beth Revis review

A Million Suns (Across the Universe, #2)A Million Suns by Beth Revis
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I really enjoyed book one across the universe so I was overjoyed to get my hands on the next book A million suns.

Godspeed is dealing with the after mouth of the last book. Eldest is dead and Elder now is in charge the drug that normally keeps everyone under control has been taken away giving Godspeed people back their freedom but things are worse than ever. People are angry and lash out while others have slipped into a deep depression. Elder struggles to keep order and control over the people he's meant to look after. While Amy is grappling with her fear and loneliness. After what Luthor nearly did to her that horrible act still lingers in her mind and is only made worse by the fact that people on Godspeeds seem half out of their mind by their new freewill.

I can honestly say that book two was even better than book one. I found that I really loved the growing suspense and mystery. Orion leaves a trail of bream crumbs for Amy to follow I was so excited by the thought of finally knowing the big secret I was not disappointed. Even with Orion is frozen and out of harms way he still very much involved with the book and still in his own way making trouble which kind of made me smile that he's still very much in everyone's minds.
There are also lots of drama regarding the shift of power and that leads to a lot of nail biting confrontation. I was gripped completely by the story the author wove and the emotions that were running so high in the book. People are at their craziest and ready to do some stupid things.
I have to say when I finally got to the end I was open mouthed in shock. The things that had happened and by the way the book ended has left me with this burning desire to know what will happen next.

Beth Revis is one amazing writer and she has to be one of my favourite authors. While I’m reading her books nothing else exist but space and Godspeed.
5 stars

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  1. wow when i read the books, book one was the one to catch my heart into book two. Either way i agree with your review. A high five!

  2. gr8 review
    reading this1 soon

  3. I just finished book 1 and look forward to reading book 2. I really enjoyed the first and from the sounds of your review, I'll enjoy the next one just as much.


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