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Burn Mark by Laura Powell review

Burn MarkBurn Mark by Laura Powell
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I knew as soon as I started this book I would love it! Glory and Lucus make for two amazing characters. Glory has always hoped that she would some day become a witch like most of her other relatives so when she finally get her wish you think she would be overjoyed but being a witch is not all it’s cracked up to be. When the Inquisition hunts unlicensed witch's down and the head coven leader has his own plans for you, life looks more like a danger than fun. Then Lucas the son of the Chief Prosecutor for the Inquisition gets the Fae the same day as Glory and two lives are turned upside down.

I have to say the storyline was something new and very different while I would normally think of a group of witch’s as a coven in this book I come to think of them as a gang. People feared and respected them and I enjoyed seeing how the author made witches much more modern and fun to read about. I like how the normal humans cope by making police that deal with the witch population. The Inquisition that hunts the unlicensed witch and burn the evil ones.

I soon come to see that normal people see the Fae as like a horrible virus that changes normal humans into a witch. While I thought of it as a gift I could understand that witch craft might seem scary to those that could not use it. The book held a magical Quilty but it had to be the family life and drama that really got me. The way Glory was with her family and how they worked together and then Lucus that has always been so shore of his future than having to confront the fact his whole life has changed.

Excellently crafted book which lots of love and enjoy.
The book was a massive hit for me and I would happily reread and recommend to others.
5 stars.

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