Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Tomorrow Land by Mari Mancusi review

Tomorrow LandTomorrow Land by Mari Mancusi

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
A post apocalyptic joy ride of horror, survival and romance.

I loved the book from the very start the technology in the world has now become amazingly advanced and the world seems all but perfected but Payton’s dad is saying the world is going to come to an end and they all ended to be ready for the worst. Payton’s friends think her dad is out of his mind. No one’s laughing when some kind of illness out brakes and within a short time people are changing turning into zombie like monsters that are attacking anything that moves. The world went from save to deadly in a blink of an eye and I loved reading every second of it.

Over the course of the book each chapter flips from the past when the out brake happened to the future four year in front. Payton comes out of her safe bunker after four years and her mission is simply find her dad and start making their world again but the strangest thing happens she bumps into her long lost love the person she hurt the most before she was locked away in safety.
The book had lots of everything a post apocalyptic them with a great back story, Horror that makes you keep the light on. A touch of love that warmed your heart and some secrets that could change everything. In this new world it’s all about survival.

The author has a great writing style and I love the way she mixed the past and present together. There was a lot in the story and you have no time to get bored with such a fast paced book.
I would recommend this book to other and happily reread the book too.
5 Stars

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  1. Great review. I love the cover, so creepy. Ive added it to my wish list :)


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