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Fever by Dee Shulman review

FeverFever by Dee Shulman
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Oh my god! What a book when I think of this book one saying comings to mind ‘’the course of true love never did run smooth’’ that really does sum it up.

This book showed that love is not always easy and if you really are truly in love you do some silly thing to hold onto the people you love. I found myself one hundred percent falling in love with the book and Sethos and here are some reasons why.

The story flicks from present day with Eva as the main character. She is super smart and dropped dead beautiful but she sometimes finds that the beauty part can be a curse when guys are always chasing you makes making friends at school hard and being expelled seems to become a pass time for Eva. Eva seems happy to be invisible to everyone and I liked the fact she was not stuck up and did not think she was better than everyone else. Eva also had a hard family life and that was easy to relate to for me and made Eva an easy character to like.

The story then flicks to Sethos that I’m sure you are all going to call him Seth in no time. He's a young and very sexy gladiator in the year AD 152. He's a slave he has been pulled away from his home and owned by someone that uses him to fight to the death as a gladiator. All the women seem to want him but Seth is not interested in anything apart from keeping fit and being with his only friend Matthias but then he sees Livia and the meaning to his life changes. Seth was easy for me to fall in love with his determination and unwavering love for Livia just blow me away and I felt jealous that someone could love a person that much.

Now as a story can go this is one of the best love stories I have read its divided into three parts and you watch the two characters lives unfold which helps you relate to them and get to know them. There was also so much more than just love in this book there was action and conflicted and drama and a strange illness that raged through the story but you are going to have to read the book to find out more. While at the start it felt like two stories you found that the two entwined together for a spectacular ending that you are all going to love.

If you like your love stories with a twist I recommend you read this!
5 stars.

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  1. That is some recommendation. And I must say, not what I thought from the cover. I'll be adding this one to my TBR list.

  2. It looks good, the cover is really pretty :)


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