Sunday, 6 March 2016

LINK by Summer Wier review

LINK (The Shadow of Light, #1)LINK by Summer Wier
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

To start I need to say how different this book was to the ones I normally read. The book has a lot of talk of stars and space but the way the author weaved the story with talk of stars and its influence on worlds was fascinating. There was a few time that I did find I had to reread a part of two but the book was worth it.

The characters are interesting and easy to like and hear about. I struggled to decide if I liked Zane or Evan because both seemed like really nice guys and both seemed to bring something different to the book and I felt pulled one minute to one and then back to the next. Kira was an easy character to like and follow and by the end I felt like she had grown and seemed to have become more forward and stronger which intrigued me to see how she will grow as the series goes on.

Like most books I read, I find there is also one thing that normally shines brighter than other things sometimes I can be the people or the environments sometimes it can be a mix of things. This book was easy to see the story itself was so unique and brilliant. The way the book worked and changed from one place to the other and how the story worked so well as a whole. The information and explanations worked so well and it had me dazed and amazed. I loved the feeling you get when you find a book that is not only a good read but so completely different and new from what you have read before that it leaves you feeling happy and so glad you found and read it.

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